I’m still alive.

This is a good enough reason to resurface, no?

New God Flow


Don’t Doubt Beyonce’s Ratchetness

This jawn is from Houston, Texas, so her mobbin’ like this to MMG’s BET AWards performance shouldn’t shock anyone. Look at her go, she must be the most fun wife of all-time.

Video: Meek Mill feat. Rick Ross-Black Magic x Wale feat. Meek Mill & French Montana-Actin’ Up

Self Made 2 isn’t that good, but I fuck with both of these tracks. First of all, n**** don’t even understand how Meek bodied the first verse on “Black Magic,” and I support the message behind “Actin’ Up” 150%.
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Late Wedding Gift

Me interviewing Aaron for Complex is one of the best things I’ve done all year.

Tell that to Sally Jessy Raphael. Do you ever worry about any backlash from Jordan?

Dude’s pretty powerful, but I’m not actually worried. We’re in two different universes. You know what his reaction was? Somebody probably asked him “have you seen this Tumblr called What the Fuck is Michael Jordan Wearing?'” and his response was probably “what the fuck is a Tumblr?” He probably has too much money to care.

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Video: OverDoz-Lauren London

Man, I remember when ATL dropped back in ’06 and I was in fuckin’ love with this jawn Lauren London. Then Wayne let a few off inside of her and her a mommy, and I slowly started to realize that I went to school with thousands of Lauren London’s. Knocked the shine all the way off. No shots, and I ‘m glad she’s working again. Anyway, these dudes always have the OD crazy videos, and there’s some wild shit going on in this one.
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Kanye at the Revel

Mad as fuck I wasn’t there. Brad was though, so here are the 10 best moment’s from last night’s show.