The Hennessy Black Sponsored 2010 BET Hip-Hop Awards Unofficial Wrap-Up

You wanted a coon fest? You got it last night on BET. Taped during the weekend of October 1st, the 2010 BET Hip-Hop Awards aired last night to the anticipation of spooks across the nation. After RAWSE performed “BMF” and “MC Hammer”, MC Hammer himself came out and performed “2 Legit 2 Quit”. Nicki Minaj surprised everyone by winning Rookie of The Year and Wakca just kinda stopped performing. We all know why, lol. “No Hands” isn’t the same without Wale, and ironically enough, as soon as I walked into Recess last night he was performing his verse. Go figure. J.Cole confused the crowd by actually bringing hip-hop to a hip-hop awards show. The nerve of that n*gga, right? He should’ve been in a cypher, wtf BET? The Father & Son freestyle session was interesting, as Diggy did his best GDK impersonation. JoJo, you have a lot of heart for even participating. It made Aaron and I ponder what would happen if we freestyled with our dads….The Dipset Reunion looked like an obligation, with everyone going through the motions. I turned the show off after the G.O.O.D Music cypher, which is what everyone really wanted to see. They all killed that shit. Enjoy the clips below, or wait for BET to show it-followed by Stomp The Yard-sometime in the near future…

The G.O.O.D Music Freestly, i.e. what everyone tuned in to see

Good way to start off the show

Shocking. LOL at Kelly beasting on Nelly.

Cypher #1-Wiz Khalifa, Raekwon, Bones Brigante and Yelaworlf. Lol, I might be Wiz for Halloween, nullus.

That beat is terrible, lol I’m sorry. Gucci, Swizz got you mane…….

Cypher #2-Royce, Tyga, Kuniva, Diamond and her teardrop ass. Skinny girls with small waists and fat asses are >.

Wacka. Man, they needed Folarin for “No Hands”….

J.Cole did “Who Dat” and part of “Blow Up”, and everybody looked at him crazy for bringing lyrics to a hip-hop awards show. N*ggas should be ashamed of themselves….

Cypher #3-The Father & Son Cypher feat. OMG, Doughboy, Cube, Diggy, JoJo and Rev Run. Diggy starts doing the Gillie snake move at one point, nullus.

Dipset-Salute. Anti-climactic. Done.

Cypher #4-Mickey Factz, Reek Da Villain and Zawcain

Big Boi and Yelawolf-You Ain’t No DJ

B.o.B-Don’t Let Me Fall

Watch them before these jawns get taken down. While you’re enjoying the show, take a look at these ten burning questions that it raised.


  1. sums it up, cant believe trina still around lol

  2. I take JoJo over OMG and Doughboy. He didn’t seem a he didn’t belong on the cypher

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