I Told Y’all Diddy Was Salty…

I hinted that Diddy was gonna be slightly salty that Jay Electronica signed with Roc Nation, and Mr. Combs went ahead and confirmed that for us all via Twitter yesterday. I don’t know what went on behind the scenes between Diddy and Jay Electronica, but as I’ve mentioned before, Jay Electronica has always been anti-deal and anti-label. He never gave any indication that he was gonna sign to Bad Boy (ha!), but then again, he never gave any indication that we was gonna sign with anyone. Ultimately, I think he made the best choice, as Roc Nation is a safer bet than Bad Boy. Diddy and Jay-Z are the same in that they won’t fuck with you when you aren’t hot, but clearly Jay Electronica doesn’t care about being hot. Again, I don’t know what the public might not know about Diddy and Jay Electronica’s relationship, but I doubt Jay Electronica made any promises about signing to Bad Boy, of all labels out there. I don’t know why Diddy’s getting all emo, he’s still associated with Ross and Nicki Minaj for the time being, and it’s not like they still can’t collaborate? But then again, Diddy’s all about the dollar at the end of the day. Way to show your hand…

Should the mother of Lebron’s kids have apologized to Dan Gilbert?


  1. Diddy is f**kin leech. In other news, I don’t think Jay Electronica will put out an album. You say he’s anti-deal, anti-label. I think he’s anti-rap, he releases 2 songs a year. Where the fuck is dear moleskin?

    • Either he puts an album out or he gets dropped from Roc Nation


  2. […] you haven’t heard, underground rapper who likes to not put music out, Jay Electronica,  has rebuffed Diddy’s advances and signed with Jay-Z’s Roc […]

  3. […] been one to hold his tongue (nullus), so of course he responded to Diddy’s vague Twitter ramblings. It looks like they decided to start the week off by being mature about it. That, my friends, is […]

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