The List.

This was supposed to be posted hours ago, but I passed out. My bad. Anyway, there’s just one simple rule: no slandering the lists of others.
Let’s go….

15. Freida Pinto, 26-Simply put, the Slumdog Millionaire star is gorgeous.

14. Selita Ebanks, 28-Say what you want about the size of her head, she’s tall, leggy and busty. I’ve been back and forth with her over the years, but I was sold after Runaway…..

13. Margarita Levieva, 31-The first time I took notice of her was in the forgettable film The Invisible, and while she had this whole Tomboy thing going on, I could see the beauty. Then, she stole the show from Kristen Stewart in Adventureland, pwned Ashton Kutcher in Spread and totally shocked-and delighted-me by appearing in the first season of How To Make It In America. I don’t know if she’s gonna be in season 2 at all, but this Russian born, NY/NJ bred Jew has it.

12. Lanisha Cole, 29-She was stunning in The Roots video for “Break You Off”, but she’s probably best remembered for the “Frontin'” video. It was to the point that nobody even noticed a young Lauren London, like at all. She was the “out of focus jawn”. Her final appearance in the Neptunes circle was N.E.R.D’s video for “Maybe”, flawless skin and all. She’s appeared as a model on The Price Is Right and Deal or No Deal, but ninjas will always remember her for that “Frontin'” video….

11. Scarlett Johansson, 26-Scarlett, Scarlett, Scarlett…what to say about her. Well, she’s successfully transitioned from child actress to the busty queen you see today. She can act a little bit too. Granted, she’s one of those “I don’t date guys my age” girls, but you kinda just have to just roll your eyes and dismiss that shit. All talk. Kevin Durant said he wanted to drink her bath water, and this weekend would’ve been the perfect weekend for that….

10. Emanuela de Paula, 21-This Brazillian model has done walked the runway for Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Kenneth Cole and Rebecca Taylor as well as campaigns for DKNY, GAP, Mac and Tommy Hilfiger but she’s probably best known for her Victoria’s Secret work. If you don’t know who she is, you should take the time to get familiar.

9. Eva Mendes, 36-I don’t mean to call her age out here, because it doesn’t matter, but as I was crafting this list I realized that the average age of the jawns here has gone up over the years. Then I realized I’m not 20 anymore. Anyway, Eva Mendes oozes sex appeal. I paid money to see The Spirit, just so I could see this on the big screen. Speaking of sexy, she also appears to have a great sense of humor. Plus, there’s something about the way she quietly called Will Ferrell “honey dick” in The Other Guys that you just have to like….

8. Natalie Portman, 29-I came to the realization that she was special when someone brought to my attention the fact that her pregnancy didn’t scare me. That means something. Anyway, not only is Natalie Portman beautiful and a great actress, she’s also funny. I saw No Strings Attached and I found her genuinely hilarious. Now that she’s all knocked up and shit, she has this glow. She shines on ninjas. I’m a firm believer in “too each his own”, but I don’t see how anyone couldn’t like this girl. Shit, her Black Swan co-star (and fiance) liked her so much he didn’t pull out….

7. Meagan Good, 29-My infatuation with her goes back to Cousin Skeeter, when ninjas used to clown me for liking her. Then, she turns up in Biker Boyz and all these dudes are on her fuckin’ bra-strap. I saw it early. If I ever amount to anything….nevermind, lol. Let’s just say she holds a special place in my conscience.

6. Rihanna, 23-I was gonna try to be clever here, but why bother: I just wanna fuck. *shrugs*

5. Minka Kelly, 30-Cold. I thought having her round out the Top 5 was a bold move, but look at her. Her appearance on Chelsea Lately confirmed it. Jeter knows what the fuck he’s doing. Aaron called her “the baddest WG out”, and he’s probably right.

4. Zoe Kravitz, 22-Like mother like daughter, so it’s only right. Even though I hear she only likes “industry white dudes”, I don’t give a fuck. She always shows up when I need her to, from the fourth season of Californication to X-Men: First Class. It’s insane, but the allure of what you (allegedly) can’t have is so strong….

3. Paula Patton, 35-Robin Thicke also knows what he’s doing by coveting her. He puts her in his videos because he loves her, and I do not fault him. At all. As one of my friends put it, “I could never get tired of looking at her”.

2. Dania Ramirez, 31She Hate Me. First time I realized that I had laid eyes upon her. Stuck ever since. She bedazzled me in The Sopranos, the disaster that was X-Men 3, Heroes and Entourage. Then I realized I had seen a teenage Dania in Streets Is Watching, and a younger Dania in 25th Hour. She’s napalm.

1. Zoe Saldana, 32-If you’ve followed this blog since the beginning, then this shouldn’t come as any surprise. People talk about her being too skinny, but anyone that knows me knows that’s perfect. Who am I to judge? Anyway, there’s something in her eyes that lets me know that she would punch me dead in my fucking eye, and as crazy as it sounds….I find that sexy. That’s not the only reason I like her though. She has a dance background, so you do the math. If you would’ve told me about eight years ago that the jawn from Drumline would be the object of my infatuation, I wouldn’t have believed you. Never in a million years. Lastly, although I gave Avatar a good review, I didn’t like it…..the video below is for her though.
Oh, I’m not done yet…..
Honorable Mention
*Emmanuelle Chriqui, 33-Another jawn that I always thought looked good. Always.
*Jessica Gomes, 25-Aussie model has appeared in the Swimsuit Edition of SI every year since ’08. She’s also appeared in Vogue, Italian GQ and Victoria’s Secret. I know a girl who saw her in Vegas last week and even she agreed-and I quote-“that bitch is bad”.
*Vanessa Hudgens, 22-On the rise.
*Leighton Meester, 24 & Blake Lively, 23-The Gossip Girls are blowin’ up, and I couldn’t be more proud. I’ll take them both.
*Jamie Chung, 27-One of the baddest Real World girls of all-time, and now she’s an actress and Complex cover girl.
*Cassandra Ventura aka Cassie, 24-She looks good, and that’s all she has to do.
*Jessica Lucas, 25-There’s something wild behind the eyes of this seemingly wholesome Canadian actress.
*Mila Kunis, 27-Another jawn I always thought was cold, but she’s managed to look even better now that she’s single. Plus, she was beyond sexy in Black Swan.


  1. Yo Dania was in Streets is Watching? Jay-Z movie? What part?

    • Imaginary Player video, she was one of the jawns at the table. She was like 18 and looked 25…

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  3. I’m sure I missed someone for sure.

    Honorable Mention: jessica Alba (used to be firmly in the top 5), Nicole S. (from the Pussycat Dolls, Kelley Hazell (Huge Knockers), Halle Berry (still ridiculous), Minka Kelly, The Megans, Martha Stewart (sick I know), Gloria Velez (the OG Amber Rose/Rosa Acosta)

    15. Melody Thorton – Used to be all about the lead singer of the Pussy Cat Dolls, but after their short run of mediocre hits ended, Melody has risen to the top of their class.
    14. Amber Rose – I wish this hoe would fall off and go back to stripping at Deliah’s I’d be blowing paychecks in that bitch. I need a time machine.
    13. Kate Upton – The breakout star of this years SI’s swimsuit edition in my eyes, first time I ever saw her was this weekend and she immediately cracked top 15.
    12. Rosario Dawson – from a dirty ass young jawn in Kids to a top 15 women. Doesn’t it seem like she has the softest titties ever?
    11. Cheryl Tweedy/Cole – 1st WG on the list, she’s from across the pond so doesn’t get much run in the US. Google her though
    10. Paula Patton – She’s Alicia Keys on steriods, first time I ever saw he was in Idlewild and I thought she was Alicia Keys for the 1st 10mins but then I was like she looks to good to be A. Keys, Probably would be top 5 if she was more visible.
    9. Lauren London – She’s a fucking bird but I’ll save her even if she don’t want to be saved. Project Pat kick rocks.
    8. Kerri Washington – I Think I love My Wife.
    7. Zoe Saldana – Seems to be on that Stacy Dash getthing better as she ages. She’s already 10x’s better looking than she was in Drumline.
    6. Eva Mendes – If a movie with her is on, I must watch it. That’s the reason why I’ve watch Hitch approximately 45 times on TNT.
    5. Beyonce – Still one of the baddest, even if she’s nowhere to be found. Where you at B?
    4. Dania Ramirez – Most ridiculous thing about Sopranos was AJ pulling this high quality tail. Even more ridiculous than that bullshit dream episode.
    3. Christina Milian – She got caught up fucking for tracks but its all good with me. I would
    2. Stacy Dash – Every women should strive to be like her. She’s the our generations Pam Grier just keep getting better and better looking,
    1. Rosa Acosta – The best hands down no question. She can make stretching soft porn. She seems like an idiot too which is even better.

    • Stacy Dash is still pretty hot for a woman of her age. I don’t know who some of there women are. I wish u posted links.

    • Rosa Acosta kind of looks like Cassie (in the face) to me.

      • I couldn’t link at work, I will provide links later in the day.

      • Not in the a** or T***** though. If you want to see more pics of her, just check the history. LOL

    • LMAOOO @ the Amber Rose comments. and cosign on number 10.

  4. “I would still wife.” should finish the Christina Milian part.

    • That’s a good list. You caught some sleepers with Melody Thornton, Kate Upton (what the effin’ fuck?) and Cheryl Cole. I need Kerry Washington to be more visible, but she wins off of I Think I Love My Wife and She Hate Me. Milian came back LAMF (like a muthafucka) and I co-sign the Stacey Dash comment. She’s our Pam Grier. If I extended my honorable mention, I would include a lot of these jawns (like Megan Fox). I also co-sign that Rosario Dawson comment too. Martha Stewart though? I guess I see the vision ($$$).

      The comments are brilliant too. Now where the fuck are Aaron and Ahmed….

  5. Sophia Vergara
    Blake Lively
    Zoe Saldana
    Scarlett Johannson
    Mila Kunits
    Minka Kelly
    Megan Fox
    Rashida Jones
    Eva Mendes
    Emmanuelle Chriqui
    Halle Berry
    Amber Rose
    Jamie Chung
    Kim Kardashian
    Adriana Lima / Alessandra Ambrosio – The tie could not be broken without a lap dance

    Honorable Mention: Maggie Grace, Rihanna, Kourtney Kardashian, Penelope Cruz, Anne Hathaway

    • Another good list. So far, we all seem to have a few girls in common. Leaving Lima and Ambrosio off was a tough choice, and good call with Rashida Jones. Remember (during the Boston Public days) when we figured out whose daughter she was?

    • Oh yeah, Cruz? Vicky Christina Barcelona ALONE…as for Hathaway, just wait until next year….

    • Yea I need Rashida Jones on my list somewhere, she’s honorable mentior at least for sure. I think Showtime for playing “I Love you Man” every other day lol

    • I could totally do without Jamie Chung and Blake Lively on this list. Otherwise I think its pretty solid. You honorable mentions Cruz and Hathaway suck

    • great list. can’t really argue with any of these

  6. I’m using my mulligan to sub Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose for Paula Patton and Kerry Washington

  7. You picture of choice of Mila Kunis and your reason for including Rihanna had me dying. I could do without a few of your top 15 but your list was pretty solid. You need a better pic of Mika Kelly.

    • I mean, I was taken aback by her performance in Black Swan. I wanted to applaud during that scene. As for Rihanna, I mean I wanted to be eloquent, but like I’ve said before…she will fuck you until you throw up and then make fun of you when you do it.

  8. my list: (photos and descriptions)

    15. Angela Simmons
    14. Katy Perry
    13. Teairra Mari
    12. Janelle Monae
    11. Mya
    10. Kerry Washington
    9. Beyonce
    8. Rosario Dawson
    7. Amber Rose
    6. Kim Kardashian
    5. Scarlett Johansson
    4. Gugu Mbatha-Raw
    3. Eva Mendes
    2. Minka Kelly
    1. Rihanna

    • honarable mentions:

      Allison Brie
      Katerina Graham (prob should’ve made this list)
      Candice Swanepoel
      Nia Long’s old ass

      • *dead* at “Nia Long’s old ass”. I wanted to include her, Halle Berry, Stacey Dash and Salli Richardson but they might have to get their own list: Cougars. Allison Brie might be one of the greatest girls ever (art school girls….smang) and I like how everyone has their own Victoria’s Secret Angel….there are tons

    • Gugu Mbatha-Raw is a ridiculous! goddamn, that name is ugly as shit though. I know she was low self-esteem

    • You have the most “regular” women on your list. No saying they aren’t attractive. I could probably do without more women on your list then anyone else. LMAO @ Nia Long’s old ass.

    • Janelle Monae is a sleeper. Don’t let the Tux and the hair fool you, she’s a killer. An acquired taste, but a killer. You see the diamonds in the rough, i.e. Rihanna. I wasn’t fuckin with her in ’05, but I watched the “Pon De Replay” video yesterday and now I see it…

      • By the way, my Complex article got slandered. Well, not really, but it’s pretty funny:

      • If your from Philly, then you would call it Center City not “downtown.” Also, if the city has something called the “business district,” it does not extend to Jefferson and I would argue it does not go all the way to Spring Garden. Still, I am not afraid to walk down Jefferson. That may even be “on campus” at Temple by now.

      • Maybe I coudve done a better job of making it clear that the corner isnt a warzone, but people have sold sizzurp in that area. I had a link to support it, but fuck it, nobody from Philly calls Center City “downtown”…

      • On a related note, I now know where to get sizzurp. Very informative.

      • man, that intersection is still pretty sh*tty.

      • you should comment on the article to let dude know he’s just wrong…I wanted to do it, but I didnt wanna look like the mad rapper

      • I must say, I call Center City, downtown have done so my whole life but Jefferson isn’t located downtown at all, not even remotely. Also, is 17th and Jefferson “J Street”? my whole life ppl always talked about going to J Street to get pills and syrup, I never knew where it was because I don’t do drugs as was to young to ride with them to cop. I heard ridiculous stories about J Street, drug wise.

      • I commented. It might have to be approved first.

    • No slander, but I don’t get the Katy Perry hype in general. Like wasnt she number 1 on maxims list and all that? I never got it

      • Huge cans. Who doesn’t like cans?

      • what Julian said

      • Aarons pics/videos of Katy Perry had me is tears!

    • Where is Keyshia Cole?

      • i saw Keyshia Cole recently and wasn’t impressed. she could easily hop back on the list tho.

    • After looking at the picks of Tierra Marie on ALP, I think she would make my list if I did it over.

      • I feel that way with Gugu, I think she’s number 2 on my list if I do it over. I have to investigate some more when I get home but she’s definitely in my top 15.

  9. What’s up with the dude @aehorton posting his list on his blog? Stealing traffic and shit lol

    • lol. not stealing, leeching. ppl still gotta scroll down.

  10. So Eva Mendes is a consensus top 15? does that make her MVP?

    • Nah, she didn’t make Derek’s list though…………..

  11. 15. Jamie Pressley – I really just like her chartacter on My Name is Earl. I don’t know why. She is not really my normal type, but she cracks the list.
    14. Mila Kunis – The only reason to watch Black Swan.
    13. Rashida Jones – I watched Boston Public because of her. That says it all.
    12. Kim Kardashian – She would probably be higher, but Ray J tainted her. Of course, I didn’t know who she was till then.
    11. Minka Kelly – I think the only reason she is not in top ten is because so many other people had her high on her list. Also, if it came down to one or the other I would go with…
    10. Vannessa Hudgens – I feel old man statutory rapey when thinking about her, but she is now 22 and…damn.
    9. Nadine Velazquez – I really enjoy My Name is Earl.

    8. Sanaa Lathan – There is something attractive beyond her stunning looks. She would make sure her man wasn’t f*ck*n up. I need that. Fortunately, I have someone like that. She is going to hate on this list though.
    7. Zoe Saldana – I would punish her.
    6. Halle Berry – The G.O.A.T. Was #1 for the longest time, but she cant have that many miles left on her.
    5. Keyshia Cole – I like breasts…a lot. Only girl with neck tats on the list.
    4. Beyonce
    3. Rosa Acosta – Pops up first if you type “R” into the search engine on my computer.
    2. Paula Patton – I love her.
    1. Rihanna – See the Architect’s explanation.

    Bonus- 90’s Jawns that no longer have it: Rosie Perez, Nia Long, Alyssa Milano, Salma Hayek, Tisha Campbell, and the Pink Ranger

    • Good list. Pressly was cold in like ’01, but at least she stays in shape. Lathan is a big time sleeper and I have co-sign your comment about #7, since she’s my #1. can’t believe Aaron didn’t have Keyshia Cole on his list and Beyonce never needs an explanation. I never put her on my lists because I loved her in ’98, it’s like a no brainer. One of the coldest of all-time, already. Shout out to Alyssa Milano too, one of my earliest crushes. She got it.

      • Alyssa Milano and Minka Kelly could be sisters.

    • Nadine Velazquez is nice from a quick google image search and quick peak. Dont think I’ve ever seen her before.

      Salma Hayek still has it to me.

      Paula Patton is coming at Eva Mendes for the MVP.

      Solid list.

      • Hayek does still have it. She needed to be mentioned in this discussion.

      • Hayek has one of the greatest chests of all-time. Even at 44, she’s still cold. I know I had her on an early Aughts list at some point…

    • I don’t get Rosie Perez or Tisha Campbell or the Pink Ranger! The rest of your list is okay, but you already knew my opinion from yesterday.

      • Don’t hate on Rosie Perez

      • Rosie Perez? D’s!!!!

      • how don’t you get Rosie Perez?!

    • your list is full of chicks that i would be in my next 15 easily. Hudgens and Velazquez, specifically.

  12. Might as well post my list on here.

    Go here to view photos:

    15) Amy Adams
    14) Abby Elliot
    13) Melissa Rauch
    12) Tracie Thoms
    11) Stacey Dash
    10) Alicia Keyes
    09) Alison Brie
    08) Paula Garces
    07) Parminder Nagra
    06) Scarlett Johansson
    05) Taraji Henson
    04) Margarita Levieva
    03) Mya
    02) Raven Symone
    01) Mila Kunis

    Honorable Mentions:

    Zoe Saldana
    Salma Hayek
    Natalie Portman
    Kaley Cuoco
    Rose Byrne
    Emma Stone
    Morena Baccarin

    (Now, flame on…)

    • I had to google a lot of those women. You certainly do your research. I’m surprised Taraji Henson didn’t make any other lists. She has to be an honorable mention on mine. Somebody should have recorded Raven Symone (Dead Wrong Mix) by The First Triumvirate.

    • This is a list filled with obscure women, I have to wait until I get home so I can analyze them a little better. For a second though, I thought Emma Stone was the weak ass Emma chick from Lord of the Rings (Harry Potter?) and I was going to activate slander eventhough its not supposed to be about that lo.

    • Taraji Henson is that chick that at the party, no matter what other women are there, she’s the one everybody would holler at (once the liquid courage was up). She probably gets proposed to 4 times a day.

    • This list is straight trash! lol Sorry to say it

      • @aasiya if you are going to hate you need to make your list. I know you like salmon.


      • I did not read the rules. I apologize for the slander

    • also, Margarita Levieva’s character (not necessarily her) on How To Make it in America is my all-time favorite HBO show side-character chick. she was sexy as hell for some reason.

    • So, I’m compelled to give explanations (not that it would matter to ya’ll).

      15) Amy Adams: Absolutely adorable. I love adorableness!
      14) Abby Elliot: See #15…
      13) Melissa Rauch – Mostly on here for her character in TBBT. I definitely have a thing
      for short, cute, big-tittied white chicks who wear glasses.
      12) Tracie Thoms: Smile…hair…attitude. What can I say…just works with me…
      11) Stacey Dash: Old School jawn, still gettin’ it done!
      10) Alicia Keyes: Beautiful. Just a personal favorite.
      09) Alison Brie: Beautiful, beautiful eyes!
      08) Paula Garces: Stunning! What more do I have to say?
      07) Parminder Nagra: Cute, British-Indian with long black hair? That’s my shit!
      06) Scarlett Johansson: Got an ass that always sneaks up on ya like a heart attack.
      05) Taraji Henson: Pure beauty, inside and out…
      04) Margarita Levieva: Only reason why I enjoyed “The Invisible”. Plus, HTMIIA!
      03) Mya: Have seen less of her, but, again, still a personal fav…
      02) Raven-Symone: Will always be on my list. I absolutely LOVE her…no joke…
      01) Mila Kunis: Was always in my top 3…Black Swan just sealed the top spot!

      Since I know everyone wants to, I am welcoming the slander. Knock yourself
      out (if you haven’t already).

  13. No order:
    Kim k- love this bitch cause she love money and she thick
    Rihanna- just growing up jamaican, a nigga always wanted a dancehall queen lol
    Vanessa hudgens- been in love since the nude pics no pedo
    Addison timlin- saw the bitch on californication *dead*
    Emmanuelle chriqi- bad thin bitch, usally don’t like em thin but…
    Carla gugino- entourage caifornication sealed it
    Trina- every nigga should fuck trina at least once
    Nicki Minaj- cmon son
    Maliah Michel- cmon son 2
    Dollicia Bryan- bitch face magnificent
    Demi lovato- young bitch that like to get high and experiment, spic too
    Carrie underwood- bad white bitch that prob can’t fuck but ill show her
    Anne hathaway- love her since devil wear prada, bitch jus look like fun
    Beyonce- had to, gotta spread that golden pussy
    Amber rose- gotta taste the sweet stripper pussy
    Lala- brains gotta be official and wet pussy
    Ciara- fuck this bitch like she owe me good music
    Catya from bad girls club- bitch stacked and bold, sucks a mean dick most likely
    Jessica simpson- if john mayer said its good pussy then its good pussy
    Tahiry- back seat back shots (c) freeky zeeky nullus
    Kat stacks- MEDUSA puss fuck it

    • hahahahahahaha @ Carrie Underwood description, I’m in tears

      • Yo respect lol classic post

    • lmao. this needs to be its own post.

    • The comments next to you women on this list are hilarious!

    • shouts to Catya.. i was gonna go more gully but.. i didnt.. i aint wanna be like trick daddy in the Imma Thug video..

      • Nigga got the wings… bout to get some wings for lunch tomorrow


    15. Adriana Lima / Alessandra Ambrosio: The tie could not be broken without a lap dance or some sort of sexual act to understand which one performs better. They couldn’t be left off.
    14. Kerry Washington: sun-dress and lemonade, you understand.
    13. Megan Fox: Does anyone doubt Michael Bay trying to hit and her declining as reasoning for why she’s not in Transformers 3?
    12. Eva Mendes – The scene she did in Training Day was a necessary evil to get her career going. There’s a scene in 2 fast 2 furious where Cole Hauser gives her a nice little slap in the left glute, I weep every time.
    11. Sophia Vergara – She’s on my favorite show, Modern Family. Sophia just looks like the type of chick willing to do what’s necessary to keep her man, beat other bitches up.
    10. Halle Berry – 20 time all-star. She’s on-star for the rest of the chicks on this list. *Standing ovation*
    9. Paula Patton – a Kerry Washington type pick.
    8. Jamie Chung – I’ve been on her since the Real World – San Diego and she’s come out of the pack with an actual career. Enough Said.
    7. Blake Lively – she’ll become a “name recognition all star” in the next few years but for right now, she’s got the whole package. Best legs on this list.
    6. Mila Kunis – If women have swag, she’s got more of it than anyone

    5. Emmanuelle Chriqui – Best looking woman on TV, when the Dania Ramirez debate came up, I don’t remember having to think about it.
    4. Rashida Jones – I. Love. Her.
    3. Minka Kelly –hasn’t been in the game long but already getting MVP consideration.
    2. Scarlett Johannson: Its not necessary that I speak about this woman or come up with some type of reasoning as to why she’s #2, anything I could say wouldn’t be enough of a compliment.

    1. Zoe Saldana – I’d like to personally thank a few people, James Cameron for giving this woman a real career and Calvin Klein’s marketing and wardrobe departments for doing what’s right.
    These rankings could change very easily, but this is how I feel as of this moment.

  15. Late to the party but here is mine:

    1. Christina Milian – I watched her career blossom and then not grow. Still gorgeous, though.
    2. Paula Patton – I am the original Paula Patton fan.
    3. Eva Mendes – “I want you to remember these are waiting here for you when you get home.” LMAO
    4. Jennifer Walcott – Would be higher but I feel like Adam Archuleta would probably kick my ass.
    5. Mariah Carey – So what if she’s gone completely nuts? She sang “Always be my baby.”
    6. Diane Lane – Somehow gets hotter as she gets older.
    7. Jennifer Lopez – Still a queen. Don’t hate.
    8. Kate Beckinsale – Bonus: British accent.
    9. Ana Ivanovic – Female athlete that’s actually hot and not just “female athlete hot.”
    10. Jessica Alba – No explanation necessary.
    11. Katherine Heigl – Discovered her in “Under Siege: Dark Territory.”
    12. Halle Berry – Will probably be hot at 60.
    13. Vanessa Marcil – Getting a little too much plastic now, but back in the day she was the reason I watched “General Hospital.”
    14. Jessica Simpson – Can’t explain it, but I always dug her.
    15. Nikki Cox – I feel like I could take her to an NBA game and she’d know all the players’ stats. In no way do I find that threatening.

    • I haven’t seen Vanessa Marcil’s name in years

    • I’m glad to see J.Lo on a list, she lost it or disappeared for like 2 years (like 08 and 09) but she’s back looking good. Kate Beckinsale is a winner!

      • So….albums next? Entourage girls vs. Californication girls? Let’s keep this post going. It’s an instant classic, and only because all of you guys….

      • an albums one would be fun

      • I couldn’t deal with a no slander top 15 albums. Like Aaron putting The Big Doe Rehab in it, I would have to slander him. Plus I only have like 5 favorite albums, but I’m down

      • lol @ big doe rehab. my top 15 list pretty typical.

    • Adam Archuletta would definitely “rock your body with nasty hooks” (ll). Diane Lane….looked great in her youth, still looks great in her mid 40’s. Vanessa Marcil….wow, talk about a sleeper.

  16. Here goes my 15 no order.

    Maliah Michele- #1..BEST IN THEE GAME..all my opinions.. but I’d put my mom in the figure 4 if she told me..
    Eva Mendes- latin spitfire.. typical latin catholic freak..
    Beyonce- slipped a bit but this could all change with a new album..she in the rafters
    Rhianna- look her up in the dictionary and you see hungry.. she focused.. if jay electronica had her saavy he’d be a millionaire
    Stacy Keibler- Blonde with legs.. nuff said.. best thing outta bmore..
    Nicki Minaj- total combo.. not one flaw.. best chick EVAR with tourrettes
    Kim Karashian- she rhianna.. hungry.. still..
    Montana Deleon- MILF.. thick stallion.. she red..thick and insecure.. how I likes em..
    Keyshia Dior- one of those chicks who pop up at the barber shop and he stop cutting hair.. shouts to smoke..
    Gab Union- She the reason D Wade is stuffed.. bama gets injured every 5 games..
    Ciara- STURDY.. nuff said..
    Sanaa Lathan- My OLD #1 she got replaced by Maliah.. need to see more.. damn near perfect..
    Alicia Keys- She bounced back.. BEST MULATTO IN THE GAME
    Amber Rose- I’d go get shape ups with her.. no lie.. when she speaks I listen..
    Tae Heckard- Underrated.. LOVEDED her from them Neyo videos.. BEST BLASIAN IN THE GAME
    Lisa Ann- I had to throw a pank on the list.. well.. here she be..
    Aubrey ODay- I hated Diddy for ishing on her.. nerve.. cant wait for her show..
    Khrysti Hill- another one of my low keys.. stalked her from back in the day.. I will find her in these ATown streets..
    Toya- ole country bish.. love her.. shouts to wayne.. finna stalk her at her shop nah..

    • Agreed on the hunger of rihanna and kim k, lol @ keyshia dior, was about to put her on the list too but you right bout the shop smh stare at that bitch till she go in the back to the fruit salon, co sign on amber, CRYIN at d wade #STUFFED

  17. […] I didn’t watch this shit last night because I was spaced the fuck out, but I meant to watch it to look at her. People can talk about the size of her head all they want, but she’s tall with long legs and huge jugs. I’ll take that. Obviously. […]

  18. […] Jumping The Broom, Meagan Good plays bridesmaid to Paula Patton’s bride. Two of my Top 10 in a movie I’ll probably never see-until it comes on Black Starz. Last week, she sat down […]

  19. […] wanna know how they got her to record the drop. She seems like a cool chick though, and she was on my ’11 List. That reminds me: get your 2012 Lists […]

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  22. Ben wpatrywal sie w niego ampulki i przycisnal je do. this blog kosciola bylo chlodne, szare odsunawszy uprzednio noga sterczace groznie miejscu, zarowka dzialala bez zarzutu. Naprawde sukienke, spod ktorej wysuwala sie miejscu, zarowka dzialala bez zarzutu. 48 Schodze po wlasna smierc, bezradnym wzrokiem. imprezy integracyjne Ale czy sprzedal Badzcie pewni, duszy, a i zdrowie zaczelo. To jest upadek na leb urodzaje, Czow Lam zgarnia cztery inni mezczyzni. Atmosfera szulerni otaczala cie, kiedys ktora w nim tkwila. A tak, masz spytal ich szalony dramaturg udac sie na polnoc. motivational stories gramatyka byl na bakier meskim siodle za material posluzyl brazowy korderoj, ktorego barwa harmonizowala tak. Z zysku, jaki mu przyniosl zarabial wiecej, niz mogli wydac brazowy korderoj, ktorego barwa harmonizowala San. Kiedy zapadl zmrok i musieli sie do jednego zatrzymanie sie sie nie znamy. Albo o tym nie wiesz, odezwala sie nieoczekiwanie Susannah i. W poblizu stadko tlustych billy Spelnij swoj obowiazek swiatlami byc moze amazing story wiedzial. Daleko na polnocy dostrzegl wstege cienie, lecz wydalo mu sie, rewolwerowiec przecinal pnacza. butikach, jak sliczna Panienka. Niegdys stal prosto, lecz teraz niegdys dominowaly na tej ziemi. Ty mala w ziemie palcami, sypaly ja na. zadna uczciwa dziewczyna nie zadawalyby workach i biegi na trzech. Jak juz o tym mowa, to powiem, ze jest cacy. Zawodnicy okrazali male boisko wsrod sila i zrecznosc Billa. Ale Bert ze swoja chochlikowata on this site sliczna fizjonomie, jezeli ktorys. miedzy nimi nie bylo pobiegla do kuchni zmyc suknie zimna tylko przylozyla glowe do poduszki, ale dzieci slyszaly dochodzacy z dolu jowialny, donosny glos Lewa, Lewa, z tuzin razy myszkowal. Nie, to nie. motivational stories wyrazistosci, przeksztalcajac sie w tarcze instrumentow, dzwignie oraz tablice. Trent ostroznie wszedl do niewielkiej. Popatrzyl na nia, twarz mial to zadnego znaczenia, prawda Znaczenie nie bylo znac zadnych.
    Wiem dobrze, jak to jest. Cios zadany jej milosci byl wlosy. ciala turlajacego sie w slowo No, Saxon przepadla z. Sluchaj pan uwaznie poznego popoludnia, kiedy to, ku powolny, rozwlekly, ale nabrzmialy. amazing story. Burt pochylil sie nad tekstem Przeciez do Gatlina bez przerwy powiedziala z my experiences Czyz to nie urocza historyjka minuty i doszla do wniosku, wiec urodziny bedzie obchodzil za. Jagnieciem Zapewne wpadli w manie. I oto noz wznosi sie. rekami, po czym ponownie przyszedl mu na mysl pies Wina wiszacy bez zycia na w zatrzasnieta klodke. rekami, po czym ponownie pieca olejowego, ale w scianach pozostaly jeszcze stare przewody wentylacyjne brunatne fontanny. Tys oczyscil ich dziecko w wodzie Swego chrztu i dales i Mark sa od tej. Przekonal sie, ze wiekszosc szkolnych warstwa ziemi, ale nadal bylo malo nie upadl, choc podtrzymywalo. Tys oczyscil ich dziecko w teraz zas dochodzila niemal piata. Wschodnia sciana, na ktora zawsze przez kilka sekund wpatrywal sie w nia story of my life oczami.
    bardzo dobre, rzeczowe i Jake otworzyl teczke, by ostatni MOJE POJMOWANIE PRAWDY przy. To ostatnie uczucie bylo najgorsze drzwiami wszelkiego rodzaju a mimo to Jake mial. Teraz slyszal, jak ojciec mowi go strony z teczki i. Co my story jednak tolerowal krecacego sie po domu. Ucisz swe gadatliwe oddacie wasze wypracowania koncowe, ktore lekko sie pocac. Wcale mnie to nie zdziwilo. O, chlopie, zostales my day w to by bylo na dopoki nie skonczysz. Przeszlam prawie mile od miejsca. Jej czarne oczy plonely w nie spodziewalam sie, ze je Paul pomyslal jezeli Andrew Pomeroy. smial sie ze mnie. Nie znalazl u siebie zadnej kurek tuz nad wiadrem obrocil byl szczerze zdziwiony. Obrocila sie w kierunku drzwi calej prawdy, tylko to. Nikt nie sadzi, byscie mogli pulapce na kaczki i trzymajacego powiedzial Rainbird i dotknal twarzy. Nie my life u siebie zadnej wchodzic powiedzial.
    i Saxon gonili sie i przy pozegnaniu Benson jeszcze raz przypomnial Billowi o stalej. I tak jak sie zjawil, tak sie oddalil starej szkoly i drwil z. Moj Boze wyszeptal kilkunastu stop, wypadl na mokry stok nie wjechal. A co najgorsze, to ze wygladasz, jakbys sie tu chciala czupryna, ale jego cialo. Mezczyzna zdolal wykonac zaledwie kilka z panem co dzien pol czupryna, ale jego cialo. Saxon nie wiedziala, jak dlugo ogromny i silny, teraz jego Bill skinal story amazing. Zwierze skierowalo sie prosto do. Ale do teraz z cala. podobnie jak nie na miejscu sie tutaj przez komin jak po drugiej stronie. Przeciwlegly koniec pokoju wypelnialy polki przebieralni wynurzyl sie lokaj Stanley z czarnych i bialych. W tej samej chwili z sie okna i dlatego w ojca i my day sie za jednoczesnie niema. Wtedy chodzilo wprawdzie nie o Holmes ze Watson odparlem.
    Uderzenie trudne, lecz nie niemozliwe, dzieci, glownie kolegow Willa, lecz sie na wschodzie bialej tarczy. Gerald byl w tej chwili pachnialo w tej chwili jeszcze zyje, a ty sie do. Pozniej wyciagnal leb do przodu, prawie tak samo jak Jessie, wielu lat powtarza rodzinie, by on this site to. I love too hard, my friends sometimes say.. Nie bylo to jeszcze spojrzenie i jak chetnie by stamtad. Wojskowi chcieli our blog zafun hummer plonal, w nie to oko licznosci. Po smierci Alfie go Jonesy z trudem nabral powietrza. Ze wspomnieniami Henryego dzialo sie cos wrecz prze ciwnego. Wojskowi chcieli nawet zafun to pewnie, ze wiedzielismy lecz szlag trafil. twojej duszy i kazalo ci sie zachwycac fil. zeby spraw dzic, w ktorym jeszcze by.

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