14 Years.

I can still vividly remember finding out about Biggie’s murder. It was Sunday morning, and I was being dragged to Church by my Mom when they announced it on the radio that “Rapper the Notorious B.I.G. was killed early this morning…”. Even as a kid, I was kind of in disbelief because 2pac had just died about 6 months prior at the same age AND because Biggie’s long-awaited second album was about to come out. Life After Death was released two weeks later with the eerie overtone of death. Even now, it’s haunting to listen to a dead man rap with the a strange knowledge and confidence that he was going to die.

“Cause the greatest rapper of all-time died on March 9th”-Canibus, “Second Round K.O.”

This might start fights, but I never felt like Biggie was the best ever. Granted I don’t believe in the whole “GOAT” concept, but I always thought that Nas was better than Biggie. He only made two albums, so I could never justify placing him on that pedestal in my mind. However, he rhymed with an effortless grace. He made every bar seem as if it were delivered with the greatest of ease. This makes perfect sense, because Biggie was a fat n**** who just wanted to get high, fuck slags and drink. He didn’t make it cool to be fat, but he proved that personality could offset being a fat, black bastard with a lazy eye. If you’re cool about the shit, you can still get jawns. Finally, he perfected the “party song”, blending wit with lyrics and never dumbing it down. Not a lot of rappers can do that.

Arguably the greatest party song of all-time. Here’s Mr. Cee’s annual Biggie Tribute mix.


  1. When you say you always thought Jay-Z was better than Big, what do you mean? In 97 when Big died you thought Jay-Z was better? or as the years went along he became better? Jay-Z was 1 album in when Big died. he wasn’t close to Biggie at that time.

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