Wiz Khalifa x Danny McBride x Complex 9th Anniversary Issue

Wiz and Danny McBride are smoked the fucked out on the cover of Complex’s 9th Anniversary issue. Below is an excerpt from their interview.

Danny, you just got married last year. How is it balancing a long-term relationship with newfound fame? Especially now that you’re able to do a lot of the projects you’ve always wanted to do. That’s the kind of thing that takes you away from home for long periods of time.

D: You just gotta make the most of when you have downtime. Once we finished Eastbound last year, I got married and split, and I’ve been hiding out and hibernating in Virginia for the last two months.

No paparazzi came to Virginia looking for you?

D: No, just mobsters.

W: That dude that you owe money to for that fuckin’ coke.

D: Frank? Yeah, I owe him 10 bucks for coke. He just won’t let it go.

W: They came to see me about him.

D: That’s when it gets kinda awkward—but Wiz, you didn’t rat me out. Which is cool.

W: Nah, I didn’t snitch. I’m definitely not a snitch.

D: And, if I do get caught by him, I will definitely not tell him that you knew where I was.

W: Well, Frank’s got a threat out on my knees.

D: He does not respect the knees at all.

W: That’s what he specializes in. He told me when he came to see me. Don’t get coke from Frank.

D: Yeah, he’s kind of a little bitch to deal with.

Read the full story here.

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