When you upset the T.I.’s, they’ll try to ruin you. Jalen Rose pissed the T.I.’s off.

Just when Coach K decided to respond to the feelings of a teenage Jalen Rose, it was unearthed that Rose was arrested for suspicion of DUI in Michigan on March 11th. That’s right, two days before the Fab Five Documentary premiered.

Rose was arrested just after 2 a.m. on Walnut Lake Road just west of Middlebelt Road after a passer-by called officers to report seeing a Cadillac Escalade that appeared to have gone off the side of the road. Police said Rose was not hurt but refused to take a breathalyzer at the scene and was taken to Henry Ford Hospital hospital for a blood test. Police have not released the results of the blood test.

So the cops haven’t released the results of the blood test and he was taken into custody because he refused to take a breathalyzer at the scene. I’m sure the Duke faithful will run wild with this one, just like I’m sure that L Duke took last week probably made Coach K a little more sensitive to Rose’s comments, no matter how late the response was. I guess saltiness really doesn’t have a shelf-life.

When they want to bury you, they’ll try.

The results of the blood test show that Rose was above the legal limit. He addressed the situation in a statement to the public:

“On March 11th, I was driving to my home when I was involved in a single vehicle automobile accident,” Rose said in a statement. “I voluntarily submitted to blood alcohol screening because I was confident it was safe for me to drive.

“Although I was not feeling impaired, the results of these tests indicate that my blood alcohol level was above the legal limit.

“I regret the decision to drive home that evening and am grateful that no one was hurt in the accident. I apologize to my family, my employer and each and every one of my supporters for my lapse in judgment. I am particularly sorry for disappointing those who trust me to serve as a role model for young people.

“I accept full responsibility for my actions and look forward to a resolution of the legal matter as soon as possible.”

Rose has an April 20th court date (*dies*). So as I said before, the Duke faithful have to be amused by this and its just more fuel to the “Uncle Tom-gate” fire. I just hope he doesn’t lose his job at ESPN over this because he’s good at what he does.

This is the American Way, folks.

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  1. FUCK DUKE!!!!!!!

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