Man Down.

Homie is in love. It looks like that South Philly pussy has claimed another victim, as Wiz has apparently tatted “Amb” on his thumb. Then again, maybe it has another meaning. As many tattoos as this ninja has, it could’ve already been there. Maybe he’s giving himself some room for error should the relationship turn sour, kinda like Johnny Depp. Does Nas still have that tattoo of Kelis on his arm? SMH. Everything’s better when you’re high, so ninjas are just out here doing whatever. Fuck it, it’s Spring….right?

Anyway, I found it funny that Wiz plotted on Amber for like two years. Sometimes it takes that long, hence why patience is key. Let’s just call it “The Ed Reed”….

When it calls, you better answer lol….

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  1. He plotted for 2 years? LOL did he say that somewhere?

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