A Guide To Spotting Imaginary Players

Saw this at my homie Joe’s blog, The Gray Way. The words are by my homie Stan aka “Angry Stan”, who rips sees right through all feaux-thugs.

Chances are you have an account on various social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, etc). So by now you’ve probably noticed that on the World Wide Web, people have a tendency to be someone they’re not. Especially these alleged “goons” who claim they have a bigger body count than The Wire’s Chris and Snoop combined. Well, niggas, you and your fraudulent claims are on trial today! That said, to help make your job easier of avoiding the “young cats acting like they slung caps,” here’s a list to help decipher if the killa’, @StreetDreams85, actually sips lemonade on the patio deck of his suburban home.

Shout out to a young Dania Ramirez, first spotted at the 1:12 mark.

Link: I Don’t See None of That: A Guide to Spotting Imaginary Players

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  1. Visited your site through Yahoo. You know I am subscribing to your feed.

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