Ghostface’s Softest Rappers

This is hilarious. Even the dudes mentioned here should be able to laugh at this.

Ayo this nigga played hisself tryin to battle niggas in they barber shops n for pretendin he was feelin Dillas ghost inside hisself n shit. The niggas takin mad fuckin Ls left right n center son but…ya know how they be sayin a picture speaks a thousand words n shit….

I hate to pick on this dude, but this was the nail in the coffin for him. A complete waste of talent….

….oh yeah, this is a joke. If you couldn’t already tell…

Link: Ghostface Killah: Top 10 Softest Rappers In The Game


  1. The twitter account is the best:

  2. You take shots at Charles Hamilton like he owe you money or something.

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