Break Down: De la Soul-Breakadawn

Was listening to this last night while trying to think of a good Break Down, and it was too perfect. It just reeks of Spring/Summer magic. “Breakadawn” was a deviation from De la’s musical approach-even after De la Soul Is Dead-due to its use of live instrumentation in addition to samples. This track, the lead single from their third album Buhloone Mindstate, was powered by MJ’s “I Can’t Help It”. Off The Wall’s eighth track is basically a jazz song written by Stevie Wonder and Susaye Greene. If you go back and listen to the song with that knowledge, you can definitely hear the Stevie Influence. While producer Prince Paul also sampled Smokey Robinson’s “Quiet Storm”, The Bar-Kays “Sang And Dance” and “Yes We Can” by The Pointer Sisters, “Breakadawn” rests on the smooth opening notes of “I Can’t Help It”. The song hasn’t lost any of its magic, even after nearly 32 years. It’s hard to go wrong with an MJ sample….

….when you break the song down, it’s easy to hear each element, but Prince Paul still did his thing….

Fuck WMG for stripping the OG video of the audio.

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