Black Hippy

Black Hippy is a term I randomly throw out, whether it be on Twitter or in actual conversation. Why? Because it’s what I was destined to be. That’s why I was able to immediately relate to the Top Dawg Entertainment collective of Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Ab Soul and Jay Rock. After immersing myself in their music, I’m really starting to believe that all of my favorite (current) artists are from Cali and none of them release “typical” albums. I’ve been aware since last year, but their SXSW showing really put them on the map. In this interview for TheWellVersed, Andreas Hale sat down with Kendrick, Schoolboy and Jay Rock to discuss music and agree on one thing: fuck a cosign.

Jay Rock: We are those guys that have been doing our thing for a minute. We never asked for a cosign. These days, all these rappers want is somebody to cosign them. But people are now finally seeing our grind and the work we have done without nobody stamping us or anything. I think that’s what it is. They see us young niggas out here doing it by ourselves so they have no choice but to respect it. We’ve done it without the west coast legends giving us any help. They have no choice but to holla at us.

Kendrick Lamar: Like what Rock said, there’s plenty of dope rappers in the world but you have to have that work ethic. Nobody is going to ride with you just because you have a hot song. I never went in the game wanting somebody to stamp me and throw me in without me putting the work in myself. I don’t put it on their backs to help me. I never said I needed the OGs to help me out. I have to do the same legwork that they put in when they were coming up in order to get that same type of feedback. That’s what we did as a company, as Top Dawg. Now it has reached the heavyweights and they respect it more than just some artist who’s not serious about the music and has a hit record.

That was in response to OG West Coast rappers finally warming up to some of the newer artists. Hit the link below to read the full interview, and at some point I’ll get my footage from Kendrick’s DC show up. I know, I’m lazy. That reminds me: where’s that Kendrick Lamar single?

Link: Black Hippy: No Cosigns Necessary


  1. I’m down with the black hippy shit “can’t be bothered with paying homage to forefathers”

  2. Black Hippy > Slaughterhouse. Might be reaching a little but fuck it

  3. […] it to HTML. YH (or “Young Hebrew”) is a movement that I’m part of, in addition to Black Hippy. It’s about not paying the five, not because you don’t have it, but because […]

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