They Found Earl

All of this-the “FREE EARL” talk, last week’s seemingly random Earl track, this piece of investigative journalism and the timing of it all-leads me to believe that Earl might pop up at Coachella and some of these OFWGKTA shows in the near future. The funny thing is that all of this could be random and totally meaningless. I’ve been watching the game closely for nearly half my life, and the rules of the game don’t apply do these dudes. Who knows, though. Check the feature out and come up with your own conspiracy theory….

Link: Complex Exclusive: We Found Earl.


  1. It’s no doubt in my mind he’ll be at coachella. I felt like it was possible for the complex article, now I’m 100% sure. One day before Coachella, too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence. Especially when it was reported in like January that Earl would be there, but then Odd Future reported “He won’t be there” lol … I’m riding with the Journalists on this one. “Fuck Complex” – Tyler lol these dudes are hilarious though

  2. ditto on previous comment.

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