J.Cole at U Street Music Hall

About a week and a half ago, I went online to buy my ticket for this Big K.R.I.T show in DC and I saw that J.Cole also had a show one week earlier. Figuring those jawns would sell out, I got my ticket for the J.Cole show ASAP. The doors for the show opened at 8, and I wasn’t trying to be there super early because I knew J.Cole wouldn’t hit the stage any time soon. The event was sponsored by SPIN and Muve Music/Cricket, so there were a whole bunch of giveaways going on and people killed time by drinking and taking pictures.

Other than the wait-which was expected-the only thing that bothered me were the male groupies. There were a bunch of overzealous dudes running around, practically pissing their pants at the sight of this man lol. Cole finally hit the stage after 10pm, jumping right into “Grown Simba”. Dude was gracious enough to perform a brand new verse acapella before jumping into “Before I’m Gone”. During his performances of “You Got It” and his verse from “Beautiful Bliss”, it was once again clear that nobody wants to go head to head with him on a track; he’s just too hungry. That’s part of why I’m so eager to hear his work with the equally-hungry Kendrick Lamar. He was almsot obligated to do his verse from “A Star Is Born” and even launched into “Villematic”, his dismemberment of the “Devil In A New Dress” instrumental. However, before he left, he did the one song I was waiting to hear the whole night: “Too Deep For The Intro”. J.Cole has a lot of relatable songs (“Dollar And A Dream I & II” anyone?), but “Too Deep For The Intro” is just that-too deep. A perfect end to brief, but strong set by J.Cole.

The Big K.R.I.T show is next week at the same venue.


  1. when i saw J Cole in NYC, there were 30-40 year old men pushing kids outta the way to rush the stage. Davecia was disgusted, lol

    • when did you become a 30-40 year old man?

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