“D’Antoni, Shut What We Call ‘The Fuck Up’”

Great title.

In his most recent ESGN column for RapRadar, Freddie Gibbs shits on Mike D’Antoni, and rightfully so.

The only team that got the broom so far was the Knicks. Even though I slammed him in my last column, I love Carmelo. I think he’s one of the most talented scorers in the game, and with Amar’e by his side they’re certainly gonna win some playoff games. But not this year, not without a solid point guard and maybe not with soft-ass Mike D’Antoni. Go back to the Euro league, bitch.

Unless you coach the team to play defense you’ll never win against grown men in the NBA. Mike criticized Rondo this week, saying that he wonders how good he would be if he played in Minnesota. Newsflash Mike: The best thing going in Minnesota is Adrian Peterson and he ain’t suiting up for the T’Wolves.

Put Carmelo on that team and it’ll be the Nuggets all over again. No disrespect to Kevin Love, it ain’t your fault you got drafted to such a horrible team with such vicious winters. D’Antoni win a playoff game this year before you talk shit about an NBA Champion point guard, I mean he does have one more ring than you do. I’m out this bitch, ’bout to watch Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook sweep Denver tonight before I do my show in Pittsburgh.

ESGN all day everyday.

*gavel* Below, Gibbs talks about his column, sneakers and his upcoming album.

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