Pac Div On The Delay of Grown Kid Syndrome, What “Mayor” Could’ve Been

In a recent interview with TheWellVersed, the Western Conference All-Stars explained the hold up for their highly anticipated debut album, Grown Kid Syndrome. Long story short, they’re trying to create overwhelming demand for it.

“You can always put out music a certain way, but we want to treat our music like Gucci or how a certain clothing line may deal with their clothes,” BeYoung told TheWellVersed when asked why there have been lapses in music. “When they drop their summer, spring or winter line, there won’t be two million advertisements saying ‘Gucci’s New Shit Is Out! Go Get It Now!’ You already associate the quality with the brand and what it stands for.”

Mibbs added that Pac Div would much rather take the “slow burn” approach than hustle out a bullshit product, and that they also want to continue to expand their fan base as much as possible before dropping an LP.

“It’s a different day and age right now so the name Pac Div has to resonate with more people moreso than it has been,” Mibbs says while stating that Grown Kids Syndrome will “hopefully” drop this summer. “You see people like Lil B, he hasn’t even dropped a solo album yet but he has a lot of buzz because of his grind before. That’s what we’re working on right now – the demand. When you come out with music you increase the demand. You definitely want to keep people satisfied.”

They also realize that the ball was dropped with “Mayor”, but fuck it, it’s never too late. That shit still rocks.

Judging from the response to Mania!, people haven’t lost interest at all. I just hope the album drops this summer. Read the full interview here.


  1. I feel like Grown Kid Syndrome will never come out. Its unfortunate

    • I’m trying to take a “glass half full” approach with this…

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