Derrick Rose Receives MVP Trophy, Helps Bulls Even Series

After he became the youngest MVP in NBA history on Tuesday, Derrick Rose was presented with the award in his hometown last night. Look at the grip stern has on that MF’er, he really doesn’t wanna give that shit away. Anyway, Rose lead Chicago to a 86-73 win, sending the series back to ATL tied at 1-1. He had 25 and 10 assists, but shot only 10-27 from the field-including 1-8 on 3’s-and committed 8 turnovers. Jeff Teague, filling in for the injured Kirk Hinrich, lead Atlanta with 21 points as Joe Johnson and Jamal Crawford struggled. Ironically, Frass and I were just discussing how there was now way they’d both be able play the way they played in Game 1. We were right. Teague also went without a single turnover, an impressive feat for a young guard just beginning to log key minutes in the postseason.

Rose was the star of the evening, but it Chicago’s defense that subdued Atlanta. Joe Johnson and Jamal Crawford, who teamed up for 60 points in the Atlanta’s Game 1 victory, were held to a combined 27 on 9-25 shooting. It was an ugly game all around, but the Bulls tough D-nullus-held the Hawks to just 34% shooting. They also killed them on the glass, 58 rebounds to Atlanta’s 39. Game 3 is Friday night in Atlanta. Expect Johnson and Crawford to both take several shots.

Source: ESPN.

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