Uh, Lakers….the fuck?

Did Dallas just steal two games in LA?

After losing 93-81 to the Mavs last night, the Lakers find themselves two games in the hole heading down to Dallas. The last time the Lakers lost the first two games of a series was the ’08 NBA Finals, which they lost. I’ve been a non-fan of the Lakers for over ten years now-it goes beyond the ’01 NBA Finals-and as much as I dislike them, I respect them. You kinda have to, considering they’re the two-time defending NBA Champs and have repped the Western Conference in the Finals three years straight. They’ve had their struggles this year, and you could see it in the last series against New Orleans, but they overcame that. To be perfectly honest, I still figured they’d be back in the Finals for the fourth year in a row. But when you have Ron Artest doing dumb-ass Queens n**** shit like bodying J.J. Barea and possibly getting suspended, on top of how they’ve played, you have to wonder….

All things considered, I see this series going at least six games. As much as I dislike the Lakers, they aren’t getting swept. I’d be shocked if it only went five games and I can definitely see it going seven. I can’t say for sure who’s going to win though. The 2011 NBA Playoffs have played out like a drama so far, complete with story arcs and twists + turns galore. I’d like to see the Lakers go home, but I wouldn’t bet against them. Even if only three teams have come back from a 0-2 deficit to win a best of seven series.

*dead* at that Dirk fadeaway…
Source: ESPN.


  1. I don’t see how you can see this going 7, Lakers going to in 2 or 3 games in Dallas? I don’t see it happening from these first 2 games.

    • I want the Lakers to take the L, but I wouldn’t count them out. *conspiracy mode* I feel like the league wants to milk this shit, so they’ll take it as far as they can rape pockets. I also wouldn’t count the Lakers out, even if history isn’t in there favor. I would like to see these dudes go home, the only person I like on that team in Artest because he’s entertaining. Odom, eh…he ain’t so bad.

      Anyone seen Gasol? Not Marc either, Pau…

  2. […] Lakers quest for a three-peat ended Sunday following a poetic 36 point loss to the Mavericks. Earlier in the week, I had said that there was no was L.A. was getting swept, and that it wouldn’t surprise me if […]

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