Meagan Good x Complex

In Jumping The Broom, Meagan Good plays bridesmaid to Paula Patton’s bride. Two of my Top 10 in a movie I’ll probably never see-until it comes on Black Starz. Last week, she sat down with Complex to discuss the film, her role on the fifth season of Californication and how the first preson she kissed was Samuel L. Jackson. *blankstare*

Below, she encourages dudes to see the movie (why wouldn’t she?), but offers a wise warning…

You guys should go and see the movie because for the fellas it has a great message about answering the question about someone being down for you through it all. Can you count on this person when the chips are down? The film dispels the notion that there isn’t someone out there for you.

Most men want to have their cake and eat it, too, but when he is ready and has found “the one,” then he knows that he’s not going to find anyone else who is as dedicated as her. Once you find it, then there’s no reason to fight it. But I’d say to the guys who don’t wanna get married—don’t bring your girl out to see this movie. You’ll only be starting a fight that you’re not ready to finish. [Laughs.]

That’s why I’ve loved her since I was 13. Read the full interview here.

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