Well Damn, Lakers…

Not this year.

The Lakers quest for a three-peat ended Sunday following a poetic 36 point loss to the Mavericks. Earlier in the week, I had said that there was no was L.A. was getting swept, and that it wouldn’t surprise me if the series went seven games. I was dead-ass wrong, and I’m glad. It’s bad-or good-enough that they got swept, but Game 4 unfolded in an embarassing fashion. The Lakers played like shit, they shot 38% from the field, had as many assists as they did turnovers (16) and gave up 122 fuckin points. Dallas shot the lights though. 60% from the feild and 63% on threes. It’s pretty damn hard to defend any team that hits and NBA Playoff record 20 threes. Jason Terry tied a playoff record, hitting 9 himself on the way to leading all scorers with 32 points. J.J. Barea, the object of much hostility during this series, scored 22 points and sank all 6 of his threes en route to 21 points. By the way, none of those dudes start. Magic looked like he was gonna cry at halftime.

During the fourth quarter, frustration set in and the Lakers true colors came out and they showed exactly why I don’t like them. First, Lamar Odom got ejected for tapping Dirk’s jaw and then Andrew Bynum gave Barea a ‘bow to the chest. Why was this dude the whipping boy for the series? Anyway, Bynum’s Clifton Powell Jr. lookin’ ass got ejected as well, but not before he removed his jersey in true goon fashion. Dennis Rodman would be proud. But probably not. To be perfectly blunt, they went out like bitches. Kobe, who finished with 17 points on 7-18 shooting, was clearly disguted. Amidst the madness, I had to ask myself: where’s Gasol? No, not Marc, Pau Gasol. He was the key to their Finals wins in ’09 and ’10, but he was absent this postseason. Maybe his mind was elsewhere.

As glad as I was to see the Lakers go down in flames this season, I felt bad for Phil Jackson. In what was most likely his last game, he took not just an L, but a horrible one. Shit, he had never been down 0-3 in a series before. As arguably the greatest coach in NBA history, he deserved a better send off than that, especially with four of his five kids in the building. Already a Hall of Famer (he was inducted in ’07), he’s only lost 10 series in his 20 year career and has amassed more chamipionship rings than fingers. 11, bitches, with two different teams. After Red Auerbach’s 9 rings, Jackson has more than any two coaches combined. Anyone that wants to ignore his numerous records and hardware can take a look at who he coached, and then look at how successful they were without him. No need to elaborate on that.

No shots.

Source: ESPN.

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