Nas never fell off.

Laugh if you want, but that comment isn’t drenched in bias because Nas is my favorite rapper. He may have ventured into territory that he probably shouldn’t have, but the quality of his rhymes never diminished. Never. Even the widely lambasted Nastradamus yielded tracks like this.

Too much is made about where Jay-Z is now and where Nas is. People seem to forget that they came into the game in totally different ways. Nas was crowned a hip-hop messiah at 17, and produced a debut album that could never be duplicated. Jay-Z was shitted on for years, and didn’t really blow up until he was damn near 30. Throughout all the setbacks, he learned how to exploit the game. Nas never fell off, he just got to a point where he did….what he wanted to do. That included smoking a ton of weed (too much at times), recording with Damian Marley and marrying a jawn that he shouldn’t have. But the street single from the forthcoming Life Is Good, he sounds hungry. This right here is what we call “alimony rap”. This is raw, unapologetic hip-hop. Aside from storytelling, that’s Nas at his best. MissInfo noted that this sounds like something that was supposed to be on the aborted Lost Tapes 2, and she’s probably right. Regardless, this was part of a barrage of new music that’s come out recently. I guess ninjas were just waiting for the Finals to end.

Now about those Finals…..

Link: Nas-Nasty


  1. You look like a fool when you try to defend Nastradamous because its perceived by everybody as a fail, but its some fucking gems on that shit. The song with Mobb Deep, Life we Chose (in my top 10 nas songs), Last Words…He never fell off for sure, he just be losing outside of rap lol.

  2. I feel so much hiapper now I understand all this. Thanks!

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