Lupe vs. Bill O’Reilly

After referring to Obama as a “terrorist” in his now infamous interview, Lupe Fiasco accepted Bill O’Reilly’s snide challenge to appear on his show an defend his comments. How awkward was it to see Bill O’Reilly defend President Obama, or for a hip-hop artist to appear on The O’Reilly Factor and for people to not automatically side with them?

It was funny watching O’Reilly reluctantly say “uncle”, but at the end of the day, Cam & Dame vs. Bill O’Reilly > Lupe vs. Bill O’Reilly. I’ve heard that a lot of the interview was edited out, but what we were treated too was a pointless argument about opinion and semantics. Like any other program, The O’Reilly Factor is about entertainment; right-wing, conservative asshole entertainment, to be specific. Lupe can feel however he wants about the actions of Obama and every other president before him, but he needs to realize that black people can’t-or shouldn’t-shit on each other in the media. It’s like saying “nigga” around a bunch of people of other races, it either makes them uncomfortable or too comfortable, if you catch my drift. Obama has enough people throwing rocks at the throne, so we as black people need to keep some of our issues in house. Lupe’s views can be extreme as he likes, but he has to realize that the media is gonna take comments like his and run with them like Earl Campbell. Simple case of divide and conquer.

Final verdict: anti-climactic

In other news, Lupe sat down with Cee-Lo to talk about why Nas is the greatest. Redemption? Lol….


  1. I rkecon you are quite dead on with that.

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