ESGN: Changing The Locks

Freddie Gibbs, aka “The Black Bill Simmons”, shares his thoughts on the NBA Lockout. I’m so glad the RapRadar ninjas gave this dude a forum for his blunt and hilarious analysis of sports.

Damn YN, I was focused on this lockout shit then I seen the Casey Anthony chick beat that murder case like OJ. It’s crazy how she got off for killing a child and they tryin’ to give Boosie the chair.

Anyway, I can’t wait to watch some sports to take my mind off all the crazy shit going on on CNN, oh but I forgot, both the NFL and NBA are now officially locked out.

This ain’t nothin new to the NBA. They had work stoppages in 95, 96 and the infamous lockout of ’98 which shortened the season to only 50 games. There were talks of this during the regular season but I was so in awe of the MVP season Derrick Rose was having to really give it any thought. I knew something was wrong though when I looked at a newsflash across the bottom of my TV screen that said “NBA in debt over 300 million”. I thought to myself, damn… I went to like 4 games this year and each time I spent at least $150 bucks or better in the arena on top of the tickets.

That along with all the TV revenue, merchandising, special events, etc.—how are these muthafuckaz broke? What it all boils down to is these greedy-ass owners want a bigger slice of the pie. Owners claim they can’t turn a profit in the current collective bargaining agreement which was established in ’05. Basically the teams are overspending and they want the players to agree to a system that
has them giving back hundreds of millions to the owners.

I ain’t no accountant or nothin’ like that but it sound like that luxury tax kicking these owners in the ass. Shiiit the Lakers payroll was 110 million, them as well as 6 other teams went over the 70 million dollar salary cap limit that was put in place. Who’s fault is that? You definitely gotta pay a nigga like Kobe 20 mill a year because he fill the seats, I mean ain’t nobody comin’ to see Luke Walton.

All 3 of the big 3 in Miami got max contracts. So who’s the blame? These guys deserve to get what they’re worth or what they generate and because their bosses fucked up the books—we the fans gotta suffer?

Ray Lewis had to be reading my tweets when I said if there is no NFL, the crime rate would go up. Imagine going through the fall without the NBA as well. Fuck it I’m just gon’ be a college basketball-watchin’ muthafucka. In a sick weird way it might help the college game, I know the NCAA don’t give a fuck either way it goes, they paid and they don’t have to pay the players, but that’s a whole other issue.

I’m out this bitch til next week. Shouts out to Jose Baez, you like the latin Johnnie Cochran, I’ll call u if I’m in a jam.

As with the NFL Lockout, the losers here are the fans. Although I have a feeling the NFL fuckery will be resolved pretty soon, the thought of Fall without professional football and basketball leaves me at a loss for words. Maybe the NBA could remedy this debt by bailing on franchises that are pretty much useless. Think about it: Kevin Love is a good player with a ton of potential, but who’s paying to watch him play? Who wants to see the T-Wolves play ball? Just something for the suits to think about. Courtesy of RR.

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