Watch The Throne Listening Session Shuts Internet Down

So, as you may have heard, Jay-Z held an invitation-only listening session for Watch The Throne last night in NYC. Real Illuminati shit. Anyway, as you’d probably expect, the reviews from those in attendance are starting to leak out. However, someone apparently got the boot for Tweeting during the session. Jay-Z wants complete control over his shit, ask Consequence. Or look at Beyonce’s career, post-marriage (no shots). Anyway, Jay said the album went through three stages before it was completed, with he and Kanye tossing records out because they were doing entirely too way much. Watch The Throne was recorded in Australia, NY, LA and Paris, and it was all recorded in person. Jay-Z doesn’t want to release a traditional single, but does want to drop a video for the Beyonce-assisted “Lift Off”. Free promotion for the wife’s album=more money in Jay’s pocket. Billboard mentioned that Jay played a total of 11 songs, and Frank Ocean was on two of them. Jay says he’s two tracks deep on his next solo LP, with four concepts in the can, and Frank Ocean will appear on one of those jawns.

Alvin Blanco was present on behalf of MTV, and had this to say about what he heard:

On another particularly interesting song, Jay-Z and Kanye deliver verses directed to their hypothetical unborn sons. (Note: Jay-Z’s press representative asked that lyrics from songs not be quoted.) The Brooklyn MC recalled that Yeezy first recited his verse to him at New York’s Museum of Modern Art. “I told him I wasn’t going to get on it,” Jay-Z told MTV News of the song, adding that he thought Kanye’s verse, running down his myriad past mistakes, is one of his best ever. “The honesty of it, it’s just really cool.”

Jigsaw, doing his due dilligence for AllHipHop, got granular with it:

The fourth song begins with a long, bluesy Otis Redding sample…which gets chopped up lovely. Jay and ‘Ye go back and forth, almost bar for bar. Straight spittin…. I personally felt is was similar to the way Biggie and Jay spit over “Brooklyn’s Finest,” but my homey Aqua completely disagreed. Nevertheless, they went in.

All in all, it sounds like the album is done and the final tracklist will be decided upon over the weekend, but there’s still no official release date. Below are the reviews, if you’re interested.

Alvin Blanco for MTV l AllHipHop l Kim Osorio for BET l AOL Boombox l Sean Fennessy for GQ

Complex’s Noah Callahan-Bever was in the house and dished as much info as he could (remember what I said about Jay and control?) via Twitter. Shout out to Nah Right? and RapRadar.

Oh yeah, Kanye’s full SXSW set will be available on VEVO July 12th.

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