The Dark Knight Rises Poster

Next July.

UPDATE: A teaser trailer also leaked yesterday. I refuse to post it because it’s some blurry shit that somebody filmed in the theater and is certain be deleted soon, and because an official version should be out on Friday. Instead, here’s a description, courtesy of Miss Info:

“Gary Oldman voiceover, talking about how they needed him, then he had to disappear. Footage of Bruce Wayne walking up the mountain from Batman Begins, and surrounded by bats from Batman Begins. This is intercut with Gary Oldman looking like he is dying in a hospital bed, talking to what seems to be Bruce Wayne in the foreground. Footage of the batpod driving away from the camera from TDK. Then it goes black, and Tom Hardy as Bane in his mask appears for a moment, then disappears. Logo in a crumbling skyline, as in the poster, then the film name, then a shot of a worn out Batman about to fight Bane in the foreground.”

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