Tyler, The Creator’s RESPECT Interview

A very smart kid. Even if you don’t like Odd Future’s music, you have to respect the method to Tyler’s madness. In less than six months, he and hid friends have gone from a modest yet rabid following, to fans and non fans talking about them.

You want to be successful, but you want to keep your creative vision.
I want to get where I want to be. That’s what I was telling you—I made it on the radio, where you have to make a fuckin’ poppy-ass song, and I did it with the shit I wanted to make. That’s big to me. I only do shit I really, really want to do. A lot of people would ask me to perform at their things—I’ve turned down a lot of shit ’cause I just don’t fuck with it. I mean, sure, that money looks good, but that doesn’t excite me. If it doesn’t really excite me or it’s not on my goal list, I say no. Sometimes I don’t want all this shit on me. Sometimes people only look at me, and I have to remind them that it’s, like, seven other niggas I’m with.

So is your Grammy speech ready, man?
Yeah, it is, I been thinking about it. There’s a lot I could do. And I think Shake from 2DopeBoyz is going to love it.

You don’t want me to put together a beer summit for you and those bloggers?
Fuck them dudes. I’m over it. I’m not gonna sit here and hate on them no more, but that Grammy speech is directly for them. Yet they haven’t said anything, so that might just be for that eskay dude from Nah Right.

You don’t even drink, right?
Never had a drink in my life—at all. Not ’til Grammy night.

Just like Kanye, he wants to be successful. He wants MTV to play his videos, he wants to be at the VMA’s and he wants to win Grammy’s. He just wants to do it his way. You have to respect that.

Read the full interview here.

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