James Spader Replacing Steve Carrell On The Office

Nobody can truly replace Steve Carrell, but James Spader will do his best (for one day) during the upcoming season of The Office. I’m sure everyone will agree that it’s gonna be difficult to adjust to the show without Carrell, but Carrell himself has co-signed Spader as his “replacement”:

“I think it’s an excellent choice,. I think it’s great and he will infuse all this new energy into the show.”

That “new energy” is apparently being felt by the old cast members, too. “In talking to the cast, everyone’s very excited and I know it’ll be a good season,” he said.

I’ll watch it out of curiosity, but I’m still skeptical. I know I’m not alone either.

It’s not like James Spader can’t be awkward/funny…

Link: Steve Carell Calls James Spader’s ‘Office’ Casting ‘Excellent’


  1. The last few episodes without Micheal Scott this season were really good though

  2. True. Whole season though? I’m still gonna watch it, I’m just curious.

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