The Beginning of the End

The final season of Entourage begins tonight at 10:30. If you weren’t already aware, this season will only consist of eight episodes, so the accelerated pace that fans are used to will be even more exaggerated. Last night, I watched this HBO special about the show’s final run, with the cast and writers remembering how things all began. It brought back memories of when the show was better, and brought some of my favorite moments to mind. Jerry Ferrara (Turtle) pointed out the fact that every season involved a trip, prior to season 7. The Sundance trip from Season 2 and the Vegas trip from Season 3 are among my favorite Entourage moments. The sword-fighting (nullus) incident? The Seth Green fight? Classic moments. I found this article at NBC Chicago that offers a heads up to eight things that fans should be aware of prior to the final season. It may seem like everyone is cool with the show ending, but the cast revealed in a recent interview with the “Today” show that they were canceled. Doug Ellin is apparently working on a movie as a way to tie up any loose ends left by the shortened season.

Link: 8 Things You Need to Know About Entourage Season 8

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