Doug Ellin Talks Entourage’s Final Season, Upcoming Movie

According to Ellin, the movie is happening. It’s probably the best way to compliment the shortened final season.

With the idea of a movie coming up, how has that affected the way this season is shaping up?
It didn’t at all. I wish I was smart enough — everybody’s like, “Oh, you gotta leave it open, and do this and this.” Every year I do the best I can and it ends somewhere and hopefully it satisfies. But it has nothing to do with any plan for the movie, because at this point there is no plan except [that] we’re gonna do one.

No plan at all?
Really none. The only thing is I’d like them to go to Europe.

When Sex and the City made the transition to film, everyone embraced the first movie and hated the second. Does that kind of fan backlash scare you?
I mean, obviously I’m scared. I’m scared every season — not of a backlash, but you’d like to be successful. I could only hope we’d have even close to the success that the SaTC had. I would obviously be thrilled. But you know what? You do what you do. Clearly with last year, I took the show in a different direction. I’ve never worried what anyone was going to say. I try to write what comes out and what seems right for the characters. We had some criticism for a while that we did the same thing over and over, which I felt was somewhat ridiculous — but last year I did something completely different, and then there was criticism, like, “Oh, they’re crazy!” So you can’t worry about it. You’ve gotta do the best you can, and hopefully I can find a good story that interests me, and then hopefully other people like it.

Ellin says they’re doing a movie and I would like them to do one, there’s no guarantee. I’ll be 100% convinced when the movie actually begins filming. At the end of the day, I just hope this season is a good enough setup for the movie.

Read the full article here.

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