Cam’ron’s 10 Most Ignorant Moments

This shit is long overdue. Cam will always be famous for his sophomoric antics, and you gotta love it.

Most recently, his Jay-Z impression during a Diplomats interview with Miss Info provided some much-needed comic relief to a discussion of both artists’ strained past. Over the years, Cam’s made headlines for all sorts of stunts, from the ridiculous to the sublime.

Just to refresh your memory, we pulled together Cam’ron’s 10 Most Ignorant Moments. Take a look and relive some of the craziest episodes in Killa Cam’s 13-year career. Is he a comic genius or just plain ignorant? Let others be the judge of that. We’re too busy cracking up.

A classic television moment.

Link: Cam’ron’s 10 Most Ignorant Moments


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