The 50 Worst Quarterbacks in NFL History

It’s said that the quarterback is the toughest position to play in sports—and the guys on this list give you a good idea why. Most of them had the tools to succeed in the NFL: height, cannon arms, even speed, but something—bad coaching, contract holdouts, just being dumb as a bag of rocks—held them back. A football team is usually only as good as its quarterback, and, with a few notable exceptions, these quarterbacks’ teams weren’t very good. If you’re a longtime NFL fan, chances are a few of these guys have broken your heart already. Here are the 50 Worst Quarterbacks* in NFL History.

Can you believe that some people actually thought he was gonna be better than Manning? Not only was Ryan Leaf a fuck-up on the field, he managed to fail multiple times in the real world. He was a bum and shitty person, so nobody feels sympathy for this dickhead.

Link: The 50 Worst Quarterbacks in NFL History


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