So, Why the Fuck was Canibus Dissing J.Cole?

Possible answer: He needed something to do.

Inexplicable fuck shit has always overshadowed Canibus’ talent, and ultimately ended his career. That, and the inability to make an actual song. Don’t get me wrong, I was in Junior High when his debut came out and I was into that shit, but it got old once you realized he could only bring one dynamic to the mic. J.Cole and I are the same age, and if you listen to him or his interviews, you’ll know he was a big Canibus fan back in the day too. He was probably just as shocked when-or if-he heard that someone he grew up listening to was shitting on him.

48 hours after releasing “J.Clone”, Canibus took it all back, and admitted his fuckery. He even said “it’s a Cole world” and crowned J.Cole hip-hop’s “reigning champ.” Now in his mid-to-late 30’s, I guess Canibus knows how LL felt back in the day. Oh wait, no he doesn’t. Anyway, maybe Canibus should spend a little less time in the gym and lay off the ‘roids, or whatever he’s on. Remember this? It was the last time anyone mentioned his name, and equally confusing.

Oh yeah, J.Cole went gold though….

This was my shit back in the day though. Fitting too.

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