Cam Newton’s Beastly Rookie Season

Back in September, after Cam Newton threw for 400 yards in his NFL debut, I called him a beast but warned everyone not to expect that type of showing every Sunday. The very next week, he threw for 400 yards again. That’s when I knew it-this dude was the real fuckin’ deal. He didn’t throw for 400 yards every week, but had a highlight in every game and his play revitalized Steve Smith. Yeah, the real Steve Smith.

Newton started the season by breaking Matt Stafford’s single-game rookie passing yardage record, and finished it by breaking Peyton Manning’s record for yards in a season by a rookie. Look at the numbers below, Newton threw for 4,051 yards and 21 TD’s, all while completing 60% of his passes. Yeah, he threw 17 picks, but that’s less than Phillip Rivers (20) and almost as many as Stafford and Eli Manning (16). Peyton threw 28 picks as a rookie, let’s just throw that out there.

Let’s not forget about the rushing. A freak of an athlete, Newton ran for 706 yards (5.6 yards per carry) and 14 TD’s, with the latter number surpassing all NFL Running Backs with the exception of Shady McCoy. Hell, he stole a shitload of yards-and TD’s-from teammates Jonathan Stewart and Deangelo Williams. As he gets older, he’ll have to calm it down a bit, but he’s no one-trick pony. The threat of him taking off actually opened the field up for Smith and TE’s Greg Olsen and Jeremy Shockey.

The only downside to his remarkable rookie season was that disappointing 6-10 Panthers record. Still, they were competitive in a number of the games that they lost. Another memory from his first season that will certainly last is him calling out Vince Young and JaMarcus Russel for fucking the game up for young, black QB’s. He has the chance to change all of that with his actions on and off the field, and as Uncle Luke (yes, that Uncle Luke) put it, be the role model that Michael Vick never had.

Frass, you think Cam’s ready to rock the Cam Newton #1 jersey now?



  2. Ross verse off “Devil In A New Dress”

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