Community Will Return to NBC…..I Think

NBC Chairman Robert Greenblatt wants to put all of the rumors to rest: Community will return to NBC:

“I wanted to dispel any notion that it’s quietly disappearing from the schedule,” Greenblatt said, and attributed Community’s hiatus as the result of scheduling issues during which NBC has been shuffling comedies from slot to slot in a programming game of musical chairs.

So, basically, they want to bring it back, but don’t know where to put it because the network has too many comedies. I thought that Thursday night at 8 p.m. slot was perfect, but as long as this bitch doesn’t get the television Kiss of Death (Friday night) I’m good. All Community fans should be good too, even though it hasn’t been announced when the show will return or if there will be a fourth season yet.

Message to NBC: Stop fuckin’ around. This show is hilarious and everyone likes looking at Alie Brie’s little freak-jawn ass….

Link: Most Exciting News of the Day: “Community” Will Return to NBC


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