ScHoolboy Q Interview with OnSMASH

Q did this interview with OnSMASH earlier this week and discussed HABITS & Contradictions (drops tomorrow), working with A$AP Rocky, how he contrasts to Kendrick Lamar and then breaks down some of HnC’s 17 tracks. Looking forward to that drop tomorrow….

OS: How do you feel you’ve grown between Setbacks and HABITS & Contradictions?
SQ: Shit, I’ve grown a lot. Just from concepts, to writing the proper 16, to being comfortable with my music. I’m all the way comfortable with everything I do now. There’s no second guessing anything.

OS: I mean, if you listen to the music, you can tell the difference between the two (him and Kendrick).
SQ: We’re completely the opposite. I’m Kendrick’s bad side. Kendrick’s my good side. I’m the bad version of Kendrick and Kendrick is the good version of Q. I mean, he’s got an edge to him too. He’s not just no goody two-shoes ass nigga. He’s from Compton, he talks about bitches, he talks about ‘nigga suck my dick’ – he’s not just about to be all Erykah Badu’d out the game. He’s got it all. That’s the man right now.

It’s about a motherfucker that’s — he’s trying, but he keeps contradicting himself. He’s basically going to church and as soon as he leaves church, he’s going to kill somebody. He just can’t get over that hump with life and shit. With the video, I made the video to where at the end the nigga just killed himself going through so much trials and so much trouble in his life. Just wig yourself man, fuck it. That’s what it comes down to when you’re in that mind state and you just keep fucking up and bringing yourself down. All that shit just catches up and wears you down. People that are sacrilegious are the worst type of people man. They’re worse than a liar to me.

“Hands On The Wheel” (feat. A$AP Rocky)
I had three verses on the record. I forgot, someone in my camp was telling me to put A$AP Rocky on the record and I was like, ‘Yeah he would be perfect for that” so I sent him the record and he sent it back and killed it. All we do is smoke weed and drink beer. Rocky’s my dude. He’s like an East Coast version of me. He want to get fly, he wants to fuck biches, he wants to smoke weed and he wants to drink beer and that’s exactly what I do. We basically the same nigga. Their camp, they’re the same as us. Act wild and shit. Me and my homies act wild. We keep it HiiiiPoWeR, though. But everyone needs that East Coast connect. Everybody needs that West Coast connect. When I’m on the East, he’s gonna hold me down and when he’s on the West, I’m gonna hold him down.

I need to hear “Hands On The Wheel”, especially after the brilliance that is “Brand New Guys”. The album also features Curren$y, DOM Kennedy, Lex Luger and course fellow Black Hippy members Kendrick and Ab-Soul.

This is the gangsta’s version of “Marvin’s Room”….

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