The Black & Milds Sponsored Super Bowl XLVI Wrap Up

Is anyone really surprised?

Recreating a familiar scene, the New York Giants defeated the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl once again. Eli Manning stepped up in the fourth quarter and led a game winning drive again and Tom Coughlin saved his job again. In 2008, the Giants victory was an upset, but I can’t really say the same for this year. The Patriots only beat one team with a winning record all season, and that was the Ravens two weeks ago. This is also one of the worst Patriot defenses that I remember seeing, so they were forced to play zone against the Giants lest they allow Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz to embarrass them. Still, the Giants seemed to move the ball at will.

The biggest shock of the game was Tom Brady getting an intentional grounding call by launching the ball 40 yards down the field with nobody in sight, resulting in a safety. I don’t remember the last time I saw Tom Brady fuck up like that mentally, but he wasn’t himself during the last two games. Sure, he hit a stride where he completed like 15 passes in a row but there are some throws that he usually puts right on the money were off. Speaking of off, the Patriots as a team made a lot of mental mistakes and dropped a lot of passes.

When the Patriots were up 17-15 and couldn’t convert on third down, I knew it was a wrap. On the next Giants possession, Mario Manningham-who’s notorious for never keeping both feet in bounds-made an amazing 38-yard sideline grab that Chris Carter would’ve been proud of. The Giants got all the way down inside the Patriots red zone, and the Patriots made a wise decision by letting them score a TD, otherwise they would’ve ran the clock all the way down and kicked the game winning field goal. Ahman Bradshaw tried to sit down on the goal line, but he just couldn’t help himself. In a post-Cundiff world, I don’t blame him. This gave the Patriots the ball and a minute to try and make something happen.

After former Super Bowl MVP Deion Branch and Aaron Hernandez dropped huge passes, Brady converted a 4th & 16 to keep the drive alive. Eventually, it would come down to a heave that the injured Rob Gronkowski almost caught that gave the Giants their second Lombardi Trophy in 5 years. It’s no longer fair to call Eli Manning “Sheli” or “Solange Manning” as he was called, because he has more rings than his brother now. He also plays better in big games. What really stings is that every team in the NFC East has won a Super Bowl, except for the Eagles.

Fuck y’all.

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