2012 NBA All-Star Game Recap

Like a sane person, I opted to watch the All-Star Game instead of the Oscars. That’s a joke, I’m a film buff, but this was a piss poor year for movies in my opinion and I didn’t see any of the Best Picture nominees so I wasn’t really interested. The 2012 All-Star Game took place in Orlando, exactly 20 years after Magic Johnson briefly came out of retirement to win All-Star Game MVP to create history in the same city. More history went down last night involving Kobe Bryant, and despite a late surge by the East, the West team was victorious. When the smoke cleared, 23-year-old Kevin Durant (my favorite player in the league right now) was crowned MVP.

Kobe finished with 27 points, needing just 19 to pass Michael Jordan as the leading scorer in All-Star Game history. Though I’ll never like him, he’s easily one of the 10 best players in the history of the game. Shit, maybe even Top 5. During the pre-game festivities, the commentary team kept picking KD as the frontrunner for MVP. It always puzzled me how ninjas pick an MVP for the All-Star Game before tip-off, but they were right. Durant came out with both guns smokin’, eventually finishing with 36 points and 7 rebounds. Lebron tried to make a case for himself during the third quarter, and he also finished with 36. Dwyane Wade’s 24, 10 and 10 accounted for just the third triple-double in ASG history, and Russell Westbrook made it a point to dunk as hard as possible whenever he had the chance.

The dunks last night may have been better than the dunk contest, and the best part of the game was probably when D.Wade hacked the shout out of Kobe, drawing blood from the nose. LOL, hard fouls in the All-Star game? The East may have lost the game 152-149, but all of the player’s were set up to fail by Adidas. Those tie-dye wifebeaters they tried to pass off as jerseys, complete with the inside-out board shorts were not the shake. They should go back to letting the player’s wear their team’s jerseys, I always liked that better than “All-Star Game” jerseys.

Just my two cents.


  1. Nice recap. It was a much better dunk contest than the actual dunk contest!

  2. Nigga lebron… stay losing… prob takes it out on his kids, beat the shit out them lil niggas

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