Meagan Good Engaged

A true sign of your age is when the girls you used to love as a boy get married, or worse, pregnant. Or both. Meagan Good has some years on me, but still.

It was announced that Meagan Good was engaged today, so she and a gentleman of the Lord will tie the knot sometime in the future. If you think long and hard about it, it makes perfect sense. Girls have their fun in their late teens, early twenties and mid-twenties. By the time they reach those late twenties, they want something real, whether they deserve it or not. Sometimes it’s with a respectable guy, sometimes it’s with an uniformed lame and sometimes it’s just some guy. Everyone deserves to be happy, so I don’t knock or judge anyone.

At the end of the day, this shit has nothing to do with me, because I don’t know Meagan Good personally. I know she’s been on my list for over half of my life now, and this really just means that we’re growing up for real. Every young man experiences this — seeing the women you had in the past or never had but, wanted find happiness elsewhere. It’s all part of graduating to OG.

At the end of the day, I wish her the best. I still hope I get to interview her one day, and a ring on her finger will never stop me from looking at that ass.

I’ll never change, this is J everyday.

This song will always remind me of jawns that slipped away.

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