It Ends Tonight?

Ladies gentlemen, we’re on the verge of the unthinkable.

That’s right bitches, PE #6 LeBron James is on the verge of winning his first NBA Championship. Despite all of the disappointments, criticism, hairline jokes and unjustified hate, LeBron is one game away from getting a ring. At the same time, so is Eddy Curry, which probably means God hates us all or has a fucked sense of humor. This is matchup that everyone wanted to see, and I like both of these teams, so I want the series to go 7 games. To be honest, it pains me that one team actually has to lose.

The reality is that the Heat are going to win, though. The life-long basketball fan in me wants OKC to win tonight so I can see another game, but I feel like the Heat took their heart last time around. LeBron is too focused, Wade is doing his best to soldier through injuries, baby mama drama and getting thrashed by Gabrielle Union on a regular basis and Shane Battier is even playing like it’s 2001 occasionally. As talented as the Thunder are, they’re starting to show their age and lack of experience. I love Kevin Durant’s game because he’s like a much taller, better me, and I want that kid to get a ring….but not as bad as I want LeBron to get one and shut people the fuck up.

The only thing I can say is that these two teams could easily meet again the Finals, possibly even next year. Of course this won’t silence LeBron’s critics, it’ll probably make them worse with their “he only has one” bullshit, but he’ll have his moment. Better yet, he’ll have earned it. No matter where you are, find a way to watch this fucking basketball game tonight.

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