Mick Boogie x Jazzy Jeff-Summertime 3

DJ’s Mick Boogie and Jazzy Jeff are back for round three with their latest installment of their Summertime series. The previous two were fire, and this one is no different. The official start of Summer is a week away, and this shit will get you in the spirit.

There’s something about tracks like Shanice’s “I Love Your Smile,” Ce Ce Peniston’s “Keep On Walkin’,” and SWV x Wu-Tang’s “Anything” Remix that make me think of my alma mater in the 90’s and how dope shit was back then. You know, like, back when Ananda Lewis and her wagon were in the Shai video.

Anyway, download this shit. You won’t be disappointed.
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Run TMC has been reunited at the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game going on right now. I was born in the mid-80’s, but this shit is what my childhood was all about…
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RIP Don Cornelius

Man, this is fucked up. TRL, 106th & Park and all that other bullshit owe Soul Train. Big time. Fuckin’ Middle and High School dances owe it too. Below are some of my favorite Soul Train moments….
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Atlantic Starr UnSung

Watched this early this morning to learn more about the White Plains, NY group responsible for so many classic joints from the late ’70’s to the ’90’s. In the process, I learned that female lead vocalist slot was basically a revolving door and how shady the Lewis brothers were. Well, are. At the end of the day, they still made great music.

Hands down, my favorite Atlantic Starr song is “When Love Calls” from their 1981 album Radiant. Sharon Bryant got to shine on that jawn, and its unfortunate she had to split in 1984. The best known incarnation of Atlantic Starr featured Barbara Weathers, who replaced Bryant and was featured on hits like “Always” and “Secret Lovers.” Weathers left the group in 1987 and then it was just name after name, but they had hits. All of their best moments came betwen’78 and ’88; that was really their time. Watch the whole show below
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Video: Wale-Barry Sanders

Clever idea, dropping this during the Lions game. There was an even better idea behind this though: using clips to highlight his sports references. That’ll probably help people follow just a little bit better.

The 50 Worst Quarterbacks in NFL History

It’s said that the quarterback is the toughest position to play in sports—and the guys on this list give you a good idea why. Most of them had the tools to succeed in the NFL: height, cannon arms, even speed, but something—bad coaching, contract holdouts, just being dumb as a bag of rocks—held them back. A football team is usually only as good as its quarterback, and, with a few notable exceptions, these quarterbacks’ teams weren’t very good. If you’re a longtime NFL fan, chances are a few of these guys have broken your heart already. Here are the 50 Worst Quarterbacks* in NFL History.

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Glen Rice Smanged Sarah Palin?

Yeah, you read that right. Honestly, it sounds more like Sarah Palin smanged Glen Rice. The watchful eye of the National Enquirer grabbed a few interesting selections from Joe McGinniss’s Sarah Palin book that alleges these two knew each other back in ’87. In a biblical way.
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