Mick Boogie x Jazzy Jeff-Summertime 3

DJ’s Mick Boogie and Jazzy Jeff are back for round three with their latest installment of their Summertime series. The previous two were fire, and this one is no different. The official start of Summer is a week away, and this shit will get you in the spirit.

There’s something about tracks like Shanice’s “I Love Your Smile,” Ce Ce Peniston’s “Keep On Walkin’,” and SWV x Wu-Tang’s “Anything” Remix that make me think of my alma mater in the 90’s and how dope shit was back then. You know, like, back when Ananda Lewis and her wagon were in the Shai video.

Anyway, download this shit. You won’t be disappointed.
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Brian McKnight: “Let Me Show You How Your Pussy Works”

I grew up listening to the sounds of Brian McKnight because my mother was a fan, so I’m used to the McKnightisms. All of them. Back in the day, Aaron refused to believe me when I said Brian McKnight had a song with Kobe spitting some horrendous late 90’s bars and a video with him hoopin’ with the likes of Chris Mills, Stacey Augmon and Stacey Augmon’s hat. It was genius.

Well, in the wee hours of the morning, it was revealed that Brian McKnight was making an “adult mixtape” and he previewed a song titled “If You’re Ready to Learn,” where McKnight croons “Let me show you how your pussy works/Since you didn’t bring it to me firrrssstt.” Yeah, that just happened.
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A$AP Rocky Brings Out Master P at Coachella

While in the midst of “Goldie” A$AP brought Percy Miller and a bunch of ninjas out on stage to perform exactly what you’d expect them to perform. Damn, I miss ’98 sometimes. Anyway, following the impromptu performance, the two performed “I Miss My Homies” for Trayvon Martin.

2Pac Performs at Coachella

This is some trippy shit.

Dr. Dre and Snoop capped off their Coachella 2012 performance with a hologram of 2Pac. After performing “Hail Mary,” hologram Pac was joined by Snoop for a performance of “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted.”

Although this is trippy, the fact that 2Pac’s music has basically kept him alive for the past 15.5 years makes it as if he never left. A Pac performance though? Yeah, nobody’s seen one of those in a minute. Check out Snoop and Dre’s full set while you’re at it, they brought everyone out…
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Meagan Good Engaged

A true sign of your age is when the girls you used to love as a boy get married, or worse, pregnant. Or both. Meagan Good has some years on me, but still.

It was announced that Meagan Good was engaged today, so she and a gentleman of the Lord will tie the knot sometime in the future. If you think long and hard about it, it makes perfect sense. Girls have their fun in their late teens, early twenties and mid-twenties. By the time they reach those late twenties, they want something real, whether they deserve it or not. Sometimes it’s with a respectable guy, sometimes it’s with an uniformed lame and sometimes it’s just some guy. Everyone deserves to be happy, so I don’t knock or judge anyone.
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The Announcement

With one press conference, Magic Johnson changed the face of HIV/AIDS.

Now playing on ESPN.
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Mister Cee’s Annual Biggie Tribute Mix

Mister Cee crafted a three-hour tribute to the Notorious one for the 15th anniversary of his death. I guess this how he makes people forget about that suck-off story….

Download: Pt. 1 l Pt. 2 l Pt. 3