Hip-Hop’s 50 Greatest Album Covers

Via Complex

There are a lot of great ones out there, but this one was always my favorite. It summed up everything that Illmatic was-Nas’ life from birth to 20. Check out the other 49.

Link: Hip-Hop’s 50 Greatest Album Covers

J.Cole-Cole World: Sideline Story Cover

Here’s the cover for J.Cole’s debut, which-as expected-continues the basketball theme. I was reading Complex’s preview of the album and thought it was interesting that they mentioned “Work Out” might be a bonus track now. I guess it’s too late to scrap it, since the video is already out. Probably a good move regardless. Below is another vlog, and his feelings on Jay-Z referring to his debut as a “classic”….
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My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Cover #2

Olive Oyl with the molestache. If this is official, it’s hilarious….

Spotted at Fake Shore Drive.

Previously: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Cover #1

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy Cover #1

Here’s the first of the five Walmart acceptable album covers that Kanye promised. This is similar to both covers for the “Runaway” single.

What’s next?

Courtesy of RapRadar.

Hip-Hop’s 50 Greatest Album Covers

It should come as no shock that this is my favorite, especially with it being my favorite album and all.

Like the album itself, the Illmatic cover is purposefully straightforward, superimposing a photo of young Nas on a landscape of his Queensbridge Projects. Nas’ demeanor as a seven-year-old doesn’t seem all that different from his adult days, thanks to an unsmiling, slightly menacing calm. The font selection—reminescent of Olde English—is unexpected for a rap record and gives the whole project an appropriately regal vibe. This was a young king claiming his throne.

Pretty good list overall….
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