Ron Artest-Champions

He wasn’t lying. The funny thing is, it isn’t as absurd as you’d think.

Ron Artest-Champions

Below, he spits the lyrics over the “Beamer, Benz, Bentley” beat…
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“Say Queensbridge”

He wore his jersey to the club, and apparently his whole uniform to dinner. Most importantly, he repped The Bridge the whole time. You gotta love this guy. Press Conference footage, official QB shit, and a pic of Christina Aguilera below. Just because…
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I Can’t Even Get Mad

The Celtics ran out of gas in the 4th Quarter. Truth be told, the collapse started at the end of the 3rd, but they didn’t give up. As much as I hate the Lakers, the better team won last night; and as much as I dislike Kobe Bryant, he’s the best player in the game. I just want to make that clear, I’m not taking anything away from him as a player, as he’s probably one of the 10 best players of all-time; I just never really liked him. It’s not even that I dislike him, I just think he’s a lame dude. He’s the type of guy that dives to make catches and argues about calls at Company Kickball Games. The type of guy who complains about fouls at a Family Reunion Basketball Game. The type of guy who gets caught cheating on his wife and snitches on others. Aside from that, I never liked past portrayals of him as this “Golden Boy”. He’s no Grant Hill. Oddly enough, I started to like him more once he caught the case. He became the villain, and I respected him a little bit more; not because he cornholed some chick and Colorado, but because everything that was in the dark was out in the light. He’s the perfect example of someone who’s Cool Factor comes from their athletic ability. He’s a corny dude, who’s an amazing basketball player. Shit, Nas even clowned him. But hey, everyone can’t be cool. Then again, I guess 5 rings are pretty cool.

I went out immediately after the game, so I missed all of the festivities and post-game interviews, but I’m actually happy for Ron Artest. QB has a ring, and he provided us with the gem below. If anyone needs their own show, it’s him….
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Artest Goes Blonde

Nothing to be said here.

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Ron Artest Supports Tiger Woods

QB to Hollywood
In this heartfelt letter, Ron Ron stands behind Tiger Woods and tells all who pray for his downfall to kick rocks. The always entertaining Artest drops gems like this throughout the article:

You have done so much for people, the sport of golf, and your family and you gave your wife a life that people can’t even dream of.

She’s nothing more than a trophy, how dare she raise a club to that man. I’m not condoning infidelity ladies, but if you marry a professional athelete, you should know what you might be getting into. They can get 100 other women as easily as they got you, so they probably will. The game is the game, and it waits for nann ninja(c) Warren G and Nate Dogg.

Link: Artest Stands By Tiger Woods Clever, but eh….really?