Break Down: Nas-2nd Childhood

I still remember buying this album during Winter Break and listening to it on the bus on the way to holiday tournaments. I also remember seeing the tracklist for Stillmatic during the summer of 2001 and thanking god that Nas and DJ Premier were working together once again. With my favorite rapper and favorite producer collaborating yet again on what was supposed to Nas’s “comeback”, I already knew “2nd Childhood” was going to be my favorite song on the album.

The track rides high over a sample of Peabo Bryson and Roberta Flack’s “Born To Love”, from their 1983 collaborative album of the same title. From it’s dream-like swing, to the distinct bass line; Premier maintains the integrity of the original track while adding his signature scratched hook*. Meanwhile, Nas reminisces on his own youth before spinning facepalm-worthy tales of grown-ass children. “Born To Love” was penned by Bryson, and the album features nine duets from he and Flack, who were the duet King and Queen during their “day”.

Just like I remember buying the album, I can remember Aaron buying that issue of The Source and both of us refusing to read it until we got back to his house to confirm this. Can’t believe that shit was damn near 10 years ago….
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The Great Recession

At least he can laugh at it.

RIP to that man’s line….

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Watch The Throne-The Samples

It’s out now, so here are the samples. “N***** In Paris” will get club spins this week, just watch….

Link: Kanye West & Jay-Z – Watch The Throne: The Samples

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Roy Ayers Talks Sampling in Hip-Hop

At 70 years old, this man understands. It’s encouraging to see that one of the most sampled artists in history understand the reasoning behind it. Some artists are against it (he calls Rick James out), but they fail to realize it’s about the appreciation of the music. Plus, you’re getting paid for it. Roy Ayers gets it, and that’s why people fuck with him. Well, that and his music of course.
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Break Down: A Tribe Called Quest-Lyrics To Go

“I’m Jordan with the mic/Wanna gamble?”-Phife

Famous words from the self-produced 13th track on Tribe’s 1993 classic Midnight Marauders. About ten seconds into the song, you first hear the sample of Minnie Ripperton’s blunt classic “Inside My Love”. Probably the best known song from her 1975 album Adventures in Paradise, it achieved classic status despite a lack of radio support due to the content of the song and Ripperton’s sensual moans. Despite the obvious sexual overtones of “Inside My Love”, Ripperton insisted that the song was about far more than tempting a man with her vag. According to Ripperton, it was about intimacy and unison…in addition to sex. During the summer of 1975, the song peaker at #26 on the R&B chart, and #37 on the Pop chart. Sadly, it was around this time that Ripperton discovered she had breast cancer, and it would eventually claim her life at the age of 31 in 1979. While “Inside My Love” is the prominent sample of “Lyrics To Go”, it also includes pieces of “Mixed Up Cup” by Clyde McPhatter and James Brown’s “Just Enough Room For Storage”. What would a ’90’s era hip-hop song be without a James Brown sample?
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RIP Gil Scott-Heron

The Chicago born author, singer, poet and activist passed away on Friday at the age of 62. Heron had a huge impact on hip-hop, from the militant activism in his lyrics to the numerous songs from his catalog that provided the backbone for a ton of songs over the years. He may be gone, but his work lives on, and so will the revolution.

Gil Scott-Heron 4/1/1949-5/27/11
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The Making of The Infamous

Yesterday was the 16th anniversary of Mobb Deep’s classic The Infamous. Complex talked to everyone involved with the making of the album, breaking it down by track. Mobb Deep has been working the press since Prodigy’s release from prison, and this is just more attention for Hav & P.
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