Wiz Khalifa’s Bing Commercial

I hate advertising, but I’m glad to see the kid gettin’ money out here.
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Adriana Lima’s Super Bowl XLVI Ad

Marko Jaric won.
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Kanye West x Nike KobeSystem 3

“What the fuck does that mean Kobe Bryant?”

The Infamous Nike KobeSystem Ads

Featuring cameos from Kanye, Aziz, Jerry Rice, Larry Fitzgerald et al. Good commercial (and I fuckin’ hate advertising), but here’s some advice Kobe isn’t qualified to give: how to pick the right one.

Wathch the first ad below….
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Snoop & David Banner Promote #Section80

Jessica Biel x Pharrell

Obviously scored by Pharrell.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle x Kiera Knightley

Thank you, Aaron. #WG’s.