#YHFRIDAY (Saturday)

So, I’m about a week late on this due to Internet fuckery, but uh…Elle Varner. Who knew? I mean, shit I knew because I did a post about her at the end of last year, but I didn’t know about that wagon. Jew Rawls and I laid equal claim to her in the jawn draft, but this makes her a first round pick.

*insert obligatory “Refill” joke here*

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Kate Upton x GQ

…and on the 7th day, He created Kate Upton. Right about now, she can do no wrong, and at times I forget she was born during the Dream Team summer. She’s as old as the Olympic J’s, folks.

What the effin’ fuck?
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And now it’s a GIF….


Today 2, Knees 0.

First Derrick Rose, then Iman Shumpert. The Knicks were getting stomped the fuck out by the Heat, and although Shump is cool, they can win without him….even though they aren’t winning that series. The Bulls went 18-9 without Rose this season, and may very well beat this Sixers without him, they aren’t beating anyone else. It’s horrible to see guys go down like this, and it’s pretty much impossible to watch guys suffer knee injuries and not immediately clutch your own knee in pain.

During the Knicks/Heat game, someone prematurely tweeted from the NBC Miami account that Rose had torn both his ACL and MCL and was done for the playoffs. This was before the fuckin’ MRI even went down. Whoever it was is presumably unemployed right now.
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Why, Ty Lawson? Why?

There’s nothing worse than when a big guy switches off and gets stuck defending a guard on a pick and roll. Tragedy, and hilarity, will often ensue. Like this chance meeting between Ty Lawson and Ryan Anderson.

He really fucked his ankle up.
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Blake Griffin Does It Again; Dunks on Kendrick Perkins

What. The. Fuck.

It’s almost the exact same dunk as last year, only this time his hand actually touched the rim. Both times, Deandre Jordan was there to congratulate him. The Clippers got all the way up in that ass last night too…

…while you’re at it, take a look at both dunks and decide which one is worse. Several NBA players reacted via Twitter, and Rudy Fernandez had to stray from English at one point to describe what he saw.
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The Lion King Rises Trailer (Parody)

Whoever did this is a beast.