Late Wedding Gift

Me interviewing Aaron for Complex is one of the best things I’ve done all year.

Tell that to Sally Jessy Raphael. Do you ever worry about any backlash from Jordan?

Dude’s pretty powerful, but I’m not actually worried. We’re in two different universes. You know what his reaction was? Somebody probably asked him “have you seen this Tumblr called What the Fuck is Michael Jordan Wearing?'” and his response was probably “what the fuck is a Tumblr?” He probably has too much money to care.

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What’s Up With All of These Injuries?

First and foremost, ouch.

Second, I wish Baron a speedy recovery, but it might be wrap for him considering his age. Although he definitely fucked his knee up during his Freshman season at UCLA and still spent the better part of the next decade yamming on people at just 6’2″, it’s easier to bounce back from this type of injury at 19 than it is at 33.

What’s good with all of the injuries during the first round of the playoffs, though? Derrick Rose, Iman Shumpert and now Baron Davis have all suffered serious knee injuries in just week. Shit, the Knicks have already lost two guards. This is no bueno.
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Brian McKnight: “Let Me Show You How Your Pussy Works”

I grew up listening to the sounds of Brian McKnight because my mother was a fan, so I’m used to the McKnightisms. All of them. Back in the day, Aaron refused to believe me when I said Brian McKnight had a song with Kobe spitting some horrendous late 90’s bars and a video with him hoopin’ with the likes of Chris Mills, Stacey Augmon and Stacey Augmon’s hat. It was genius.

Well, in the wee hours of the morning, it was revealed that Brian McKnight was making an “adult mixtape” and he previewed a song titled “If You’re Ready to Learn,” where McKnight croons “Let me show you how your pussy works/Since you didn’t bring it to me firrrssstt.” Yeah, that just happened.
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Almost Forgot (Another Blake Griffin Dunk)

Somehow, this flew under the radar. Unlike these.

Kid Cudi Shits on the Flashing Lights.

Excuse me!

This dude gives classic interviews, and offers a seemingly endless reel of public highlights. I feel him for this though; sometimes you have to shit on those who shit on you.
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RIP To All “Theraflu” Comments After This

There’s nothing anyone can about the song after this. Absolutely nothing.

Why, Ty Lawson? Why?

There’s nothing worse than when a big guy switches off and gets stuck defending a guard on a pick and roll. Tragedy, and hilarity, will often ensue. Like this chance meeting between Ty Lawson and Ryan Anderson.

He really fucked his ankle up.
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