Is It Any Surprise That Rihanna Smokes Weed?

Somebody caught her blowing it down while vacationing in Hawaii. Judging from these tweets, it looks like she doesn’t care who knows. Whole time; this is selling albums.

The marketing never stops.
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Sometimes I feel like I don’t give my hometown or alma mater enough love. With that being said, here’s a write-up on some dudes I also went to school with who are blazing their own trail.
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The Week Charlie Sheen Raped The Media

It’s been a whirlwind week for Mr. Carlos Estevez. If he’s doing what I think he’s doing, he’s a demented genius. After dropping interview after interview and a seemingly endless string of quotables, Charlie Sheen joined Twitter on Tuesday and gained an absurd number of followers in record time. He’s inspired t-shirts and now Complex finally dropped what I’ve been waiting for: The Charlie Sheen Soundboard. I found this website with all of his quotes, but now all of his brilliant sound bites are just one click away. Shit, The Roots even remixed all of his quotes.
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Video: Playboy Tre feat. Lil John-Ready Go

For all of the professional drinkers out there.

Vote Jabari Smith for the 2010 Paradise Hunter Host

Paradise Hunter is currently searching around the world for its next host, and they’ve narrowed the search down to 40 applicants. My homie Jabari Smith is among the final 40, meaning he’ll have the opportunity spend a year visitng 12 of the world’s paradise destinations. At the conclusion of the season, the host will be a given a property worth up to $150k in the country of their choice.

On December 15th, the field will be reduced to 10, 5 of which will be chosen by the public. This dude has been all over the world since we graduated, so take a minute to vote for him.
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Video: Curren$y on the “Reeferlutionary Movement”

Apparently, some people took offense to the title of Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa’s latest collaboration “Huey Newton”. Oh yeah, for the record, they aren’t cutting their hair either. They’re spending the money on pot.

Viva la Resistance.
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Alicia Keys x Kim Kardashian x Twitpics

Complex issued this list of twitpics from these two hault all post-Holiday Monday productivity at work. Both Keys and Kardashian, along with numerous other celebrities, will deactivate their Twitter accounts tomorrow until $1 million is raised for Keys’ charity, Keep A Child Alive.

They’ll be back.

Oh yeah, **** a job.

Link: Tweet Dreams (Redux): Kim Kardashian & Alicia Keys’ Hottest Twitpics