Jordan V Black/Metallic Silver To Drop in August

I can’t wait for these jawns. The OG’s came out in 1990, and they were retroed in 2000 and 2007. I managed to miss them both times, the latter failure a result of a DTM (Doing Too Much) Friday night during my Senior Year of college. These are among my favorite Jordans and I’m not missing them this time around. There are a few suttle differences, but they don’t hurt the shoe at all, as the integrity of the original is kept in tact. No official date yet, but I’m hearing they’ll go for $150. More info to come as we get closer to the release. For a better look at these, go here.
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Beans Is Still Pissed

Apparently, time doesn’t heal all wounds. He even has harsh words for Drake, which is like shooting an AR-15 at a chipmunk.

Why Beans? Why?

It Went Down Yesterday

Like the fuckin’ Catalina Wine Mixer. SuperHigh was everything I expected, and I have a ton of pics that I’m trying to upload now. Nothing screams my alma mater like doing The Electric Slide to “Before I Let Go”. The video below should hold you over until I’m done. Mind you, this is all before things started to get ignorant….
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Chad Ochocinco And Erin Andrews Make Dancing With The Stars Debut

Chad will be Chad, but Erin Andrews was gettin busy. Probably gives ninjas the “Nasty Dance”….

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Another Level of DTM

Check this parking job out. Shout out to Aaron for the pic…

DTM=Doing Too Much, by the way