Lil B’s NYU Lecture

I’m so glad this happened.

Last night, the Based God himself gave an 80 minute lecture at NYU. Topics covered include not wanting to offend Mitt Romney, washing your hands, wearing seatbelts, ants and his strange delight about paying taxes. Welcome to society, Lil B. FADER transcribed the entire lecture, and RapRadar posted 5 or so clips from this groundbreaking moment.

How many rappers can say they spoke at NYU? Shit, how many people can say that? And of course, he did it all whilst wearing a lime-green tee, based Vans and a flowing scarf.
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Meagan Good Engaged

A true sign of your age is when the girls you used to love as a boy get married, or worse, pregnant. Or both. Meagan Good has some years on me, but still.

It was announced that Meagan Good was engaged today, so she and a gentleman of the Lord will tie the knot sometime in the future. If you think long and hard about it, it makes perfect sense. Girls have their fun in their late teens, early twenties and mid-twenties. By the time they reach those late twenties, they want something real, whether they deserve it or not. Sometimes it’s with a respectable guy, sometimes it’s with an uniformed lame and sometimes it’s just some guy. Everyone deserves to be happy, so I don’t knock or judge anyone.
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Wiz Khalifa Issues Statement About Rolling Papers

From the moment Wiz signed Atlantic in July of 2010, I was eagerly anticipating his debut album. I wasn’t alone. When Rolling Papers finally dropped last March, I was kind of disappointed. Again, I wasn’t alone. Don’t get me wrong, the ablum had some tracks that I still fuck with (the Too Short-assisted “On My Level” and “The Race,” his best song since inking a deal) but I just didn’t feel it. Because of the content and tone of his music, he was built for crossover success, so while I understood why he went for that audience, I didn’t think he had to. He had that when he dropped Kush & Orange Juice in April of 2010. This week, Wiz issued a statement addressing the disappointment of his debut, switching up his style and his relationship with Amber Rose:
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2011: Comeback Season

This year was marked by a rise, a fall and a fourth quarter resurrection. It was definitely the year of the setback, as I felt like I was always right at the door before some bullshit came along and knocked me off course. At one point during the summer, I think I might’ve had $21 to my name, but I bounced back. And then some. With 2012 just hours away, all I can say is that I’m gonna keep going, but I’m hoping for more consistency. Shit happens, but how you respond to it is what life’s all about.

I’m good.
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The Celebrity DUI Breathalyzer

Take this one for a spin. Oh yea, don’t drink and drive…

Link: Infographic: The Celebrity DUI Breathalyzer

Video: J.Cole-Lost Ones

This was shot back in ’08, and because Cole has on the same shit he rocked in the “Simba” video, I’m gonna go ahead and assume they went ahead and killed two birds with one stone on the same day.

Regardless, this is real shit. You might not have been in this situation, but I’m sure you know someone that has.

Great Moments in Hip-Hop History at Howard University’s Homecoming

HUHC 2011 has come and gone, but not before I did this for my alma mater.

October is great, and not just because it gives girls an excuse to dress up like harlots. And it’s not because of football either. Howard University’s Homecoming is a landmark event, and while people unfamiliar with the school or the experience might not understand, if you’ve spent any time at Howard, you know exactly what I’m talking about. The week’s festivities will soon be over, but it’s Thursday night through Sunday afternoon where legends are born. Because of this, October will always be synonymous with my alma mater’s Homecoming.

Thousands of stories happen every year at Howard University’s Homecoming, and most of them are never told. In my short time on this planet, HU Homecoming has left me with a ton of memorable moments. Just last year, I witnessed grown men sprint to see Rick Ross perform, woke up at 1 a.m. to try and finagle my way into a party where J. Cole performed only to wake up four hours later and trek to Philly for a wedding. Following the reception, I traveled back to D.C. to keep the party going as the clock struck midnight and Mischief Night became Halloween. As you can see, I lived to tell about it, so without further introduction, here are a few reflections and some advice on how to make the most out of the next three days.

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